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Front Page News - December 1999
Healy leaves NWPCA, and Wal-Mart encourages suppliers to ship on CHEP.

By Staff Writer
Date Posted: 12/1/1999

Appeared First In The Pallet Profile Weekly

John Healy Leaves NWPCA to Join PalEx

For over 12 years, John Healy has been a familiar face to everyone in the pallet industry. As the president of the National Wooden Pallet and Container Association (NWPCA), John coined the terms "Pallet Professional®" and "Pallets Move the World®." John has worked to improve the professionalism of the industry by pushing for standards and overall improvements.

On Tuesday, Oct. 12, John announced his resignation and intention to take a newly created position at PalEx, the largest producer and recycler of pallets in the country.

John’s last day with the NWPCA will be Dec. 10. He will be joining PalEx as vice president of business development. According to Vance Maultsby, PalEx chief executive officer, John will be responsible for exploring and developing expanded service offerings.

Earlier this year, PalEx announced a merger with International Food Container Organization that will create IFCO Systems, a leader in global supply chain products and services.

California Drops Tax On Renting Pallets

A new California law eliminates a state sales tax on renting reusable pallets and containers in the agriculture industry.

The tax put California "at a competitive disadvantage" and eliminating it will help "protect the environment and reduce the number of containers that are sent to our landfills," said state Sen. Joe Baca, the legislator who sponsored the measure.

Lawmakers passed the measure with only one dissenting vote, and it has been signed into law by Gov. Gray Davis.

Bob Reivik, president of the Reusable Pallet and Container Coalition, praised the new law. "We believe this law will encourage the remaining states taxing reusable pallets and containers to reconsider their tax policies," said Bob, who is president of material handling for Cookson Plastic Molding, a manufacturer of plastic pallets and containers.

Clinton Seeks to Lock Up 40 Million Acres

President Clinton announced a plan to preserve up to 40 million acres of national forest land, extending protection to an area roughly the size of Virginia and West Virginia combined.

He directed the U.S. Forest Service to prepare an environmental analysis of the best way to conserve the agency’s inventory of roadless or undeveloped areas in scores of national forests in 35 states. Much of the acreage is in the Rocky Mountain states and California.

The initiative would be one of the largest land preservation undertakings in U.S. history. Clinton made the announcement this week in a visit to the George Washington and Jefferson National Forests in Virginia.

Earlier this year, the Clinton Administration imposed an 18-month moratorium on road building in 33 million acres of roadless national forest lands.

Pallet News – Wal-Mart

Wal-Mart memo stated, "At this time, only suppliers that ship merchandise on white wood pallets to our regional distribution centers are asked to consider the CHEP pallet program. Merchandise that is currently shipped floor loaded from your facility is not a candidate for this program.

"Wal-Mart wants to utilize the most cost-effective method to deliver merchandise to our distribution centers. We strongly encourage palletized suppliers to convert to the CHEP program if a savings can be realized. In order to determine if a savings is possible, please contact CHEP at 800-243-7255.

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