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New pallet and affiliated wood products machinery is featured.

By Staff
Date Posted: 2/1/2006

Hardy-Built Rings Provide Benefits

Hardy-Built pallet rings and collars manufactured by Hardy-Graham Inc. are designed to fit all types and sizes of pallets to make bins and containers.

    They can be attached with Hardy-Built retaining angles to the lower edge of the sides and ends, eliminating the need for steel strapping. The hardware saves time for assembly and disassembly.

    Ring and collar designs are available in any height required by a customer as well as single ring or multiple stacked rings designs. In addition, individual panels can be split at the half-way height for removal or hinging of the upper panel half, which allows for ease of loading and unloading.

    Hardy-Built pallet rings save storage space compared to empty pallet bins; a collapsed ring on a pallet will ship 40% less than shipping that same ring set up on a pallet as an empty pallet bin.

    Hardy-Graham can supply the entire ring or just the fastening hardware. All fastener parts are U.S. Military tested and approved with GSA listed national stock numbers for each fastener part.

    Benefits of the Hardy-Built systems include reducing production cost of containers, improving performance, reducing labor for assembly and disassembly, and improving material handling.

    For more information, contact Hardy-Graham Inc. at (800) 445-4271, e-mail sales@hardy-builtfastener.com, or visit the Web site at www.hardy-builtfastener.com.


Safety Speed Cut Offers Digital Option

    Safety Speed Cut now offers optional digital measuring devices on its vertical panel saws and routers.

    Safety Speed Cut is making the option available on all these machines except the European style ES52.

    The new option makes digital precision and repeatability available at an affordable price.

    The digital measuring device can mount on an existing quick stop gauge bracket or can be purchased as a complete package.

    The Safety Speed Cut digital measuring device is available for both the 5-foot and 8-foot quick stop gauges. It is powered by two AA batteries that run up to eight months. Each device displays readings in millimeters, decimal inches or fractions.

    The optional equipment eliminates inaccurate tape readings and repeatability problems.

    For more information, see the Web site at www.safetyspeedcut.com (News and Press Releases section) or call the company at (800) 772-2327.

Rehrig Develops New Plastic Pallet for Export

Rehrig Pacific Co. has introduced a new plastic pallet for export applications. The RPX 4840 Export Pallet is designed as an inexpensive, one-way alternative to a wood pallet, primarily for one-way shipping.

    The pallet, made of 100% recycled material, weighs about 17 pounds and has a dynamic load rating of at least 2,500 pounds.

    “This impressive strength-to-weight ratio is important in the export market due to weight limitations on shipments,” said J.P. Michaud, sales manager-material handling business group for Rehrig.

    Some exporters who use heavier wood pallets may reach the weight limit before they can fill the volume of a shipping container, he noted. With the Rehrig pallet, the exporter could ship about 700 more pounds of product per container, which ultimately may reduce the pallet’s unit cost enough to enable the exporter to compete in a desired market.

    Since the pallet is made of plastic, it does NOT have to be heat-treated or fumigated, which is required of wood pallets and packaging to comply with international phytosanitary standards.

    For more information, visit the Rehrig Web site at www.rehrigpacific.com or call the company at (800) 421-6244.

Vecoplan Adds New Rotary Wood Grinder

        The ReTech RG 42U XL rotary wood grinder from Vecoplan is designed specifically for size reduction of wood residue, trim blocks, panel scraps, cabinet and furniture parts, pallets, dunnage and other wood waste.

    The RG 42U XL has a hopper opening of 42 inches by 50 inches and a hopper volume of 3.1 cubic yards. It features a 14-inch rotor diameter, 54 40x40 cutters, and a 2 hp two speed hydraulic feed ram. The grinder is powered by a 60 hp drive motor, and the grinder has a rotor speed of 120 rpm. The RG 42U XL rotary wood grinder weighs 8,500 pounds.

    For more information, contact Vecoplan at (336) 861-6070, fax (336) 861-4329, e-mail info@vecoplanllc.com or visit the Web site at www.vecoplanllc.com.


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