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New on the Market
New prodcuts for the pallet industry.

By Staff
Date Posted: 3/1/2006

WSM Introduces New Stationary Horizontal Grinding System

        West Salem Machinery's new 4064 horizontal grinder is a high volume stationary grinding system available with chain, vibratory or belt infeed conveyor.
        The West Salem 4064 features a massive overhead power feed mechanism to provide a controlled, metered feed to the grinder. The upstroke grinder design provides a large feed opening.
        The mill duty, disc-type rotor allows multiple hammer configurations for superior performance in a wide variety of applications. The West Salem 4064 can provide high volume processing of wood waste into board furnish, mulch and fuel, re-grinding to produce bedding or playground chips, or primary size reduction of green waste for compost or mulch.
        The new West Salem horizontal grinding system is available with single or dual electric drive motors for reliable, low cost operation.
        Available options include pre-screening, metal discharge conveyor and magnetic separation to provide a complete wood waste recycling system.
        For more information, contact West Salem Machinery at (800) 722-3530, e-mail sales@westsalem.com or visit the Web site at www.westsalem.com.

Clark Pest Control Fumigates Pallets

        Clark Pest Control has been a leading supplier of pest management services since 1950. The company provides custom pest management solutions to business and industry.
        Clark Pest Control can provide:
        . On-Site or Off-Site Pallet Fumigation
        . WPM Fumigation & Certified IPPC Stamping
        . Import/Export Commodity & Structural Fumigation, including ships, holds, containers, etc.
        . Residential and Commercial Pest Management Solutions
        . Food Safety Solutions
        With 18 branch locations throughout California and through an affiliation with the Food Protection Alliance,
Clark Pest Control is able to provide specialized pest management services nationwide.
        For more information, contact the company at (800) 589-0540, fax (209) 370-8135, or visit the Web site at www.weneedyou.com/fumigation.

FactoryNew.com Offers Merlin Moisture Meters

        FactoryNew.com, EX-FACTORY's online store for new woodworking equipment, now offers moisture meters from Merlin Technology, a leading manufacturer and supplier for the European woodworking industry.
        The Merlin moisture meters accurately measure the water content in a variety of wood and wood products quickly and easily. An accurate reading of moisture levels in wood is vital for quality control, helping to assess or minimize losses associated with moisture problems in wood.
        FactoryNew.com offers four different Merlin non-intrusive or pin-less moisture meters that are designed for a specific application: furniture, flooring, veneer, and timber. The built-in processor analyzes the sensor readings calibrated using the oven dry-kiln method and displays the moisture content in the wood as a percentage in a digital readout, ranging from 4%- 99%.
        For convenient, flexible, daily control measurements, FactoryNew.com also offers Merlin resistance (pin) moisture meters. The handy size and ease of use provide a practical way to monitor wood moisture levels. The meter features an auto-calibration function for equal, lasting results of measurement as well as a battery test function.
        EX-FACTORY offers more than 6,000 woodworking machines on its Web site with photographs, descriptions and literature. In addition, company representatives who specialize in certain machines are available for consultation by phone. EX-FACTORY also sells surplus machinery for companies through its Web site.
    For more information, visit www. FactoryNew.com or call (800) 879-3002.

Shelby's Machinery Offers Equipment

        Shelby's Machinery, formerly known as Quality Machine Co., manufactures machinery and equipment for processing wood and manufacturing lumber. The company supplies component machines as well as complete systems.
        Shelby's QMC 2800 cut-off saw comes standard with 20-foot infeed and 8-foot outfeed rollers, 20 hp motor, 20-inch carbide tipped saw blade, four stops and waste conveyor. It is available with such options as a cant turner, cant kick-off, and different saw blades.
        Shelby's Machinery also manufactures scragg mills, gang rip saws, bandsaws, multiple saw trimmers, notching machines, live decks, unscramblers, and other wood and lumber handling equipment.
        For more information, contact Shelby's Machinery by phone at (270) 476-3049, fax (270) 476-0430 or e-mail shelbyarnold@bellsouth.net.

Central Boiler Introduces ThermoPEX Pipe System

        Central Boiler, which manufactures the Classic outdoor wood furnace, has introduced the new ThermoPEX insulating piping system. It is designed to maximize efficiency of the outdoor wood furnace by transferring more heat from the furnace to the building being heated.
        ThemoPEX is easy to install, which makes it appealing to homeowners who choose to install the furnace themselves.
        The PEX supply and return lines are centered in the insulation to maximize the amount of insulation surrounding them. The manufacturing process ensures an airtight, waterproof, urethane insulation enclosed in a thick, durable, flexible, protective waterproof jacket.
        The ThermoPEX insulated pipe system and a complete line of Classic outdoor wood furnaces and related parts and accessories are available at authorized Central Boiler dealerships across the country.
        For more information or to find a dealer, visit the Web site at www.centralboiler.com or call (218) 782-2575.

New Film Protects Against Corrosion

        Bell Labs has developed a new technology that is available in a shrink-wrap to protect products made of metal - as well as other materials - from corrosion, static electricity and mold and mildew while in shipment or storage.
        Intercept Shrinkfilm is only available from FPM Inc. of Flat Rock, Mich. and its distributors.
        Bell Labs developed Intercept in order to protect its own systems. It has been used successfully for years to protect satellites and sensitive guidance systems, optical switches, art works, silver, rubber components, paper and guitar strings. Other applications include aviation, boats, equipment, and more.
        Intercept Shrinkfilm is recyclable, environmentally friendly and safe for all plastics and optics. It works in hot or cold, wet or dry conditions and is not affected by temperature or humidity
        For more information, call FPM at (800) 222-4449 or visit the Web site at www.shrinkwrapping.com.

        A brief news item in the February issue of Pallet Enterprise about a new Rehrig Pacific Co. plastic pallet contained an error.
        The new RPX 4840 Export Pallet is designed as an inexpensive, one-way alternative to a wood pallet, primarily for one-way shipping.
        Since the pallet is made of plastic, it does not have to be heat-treated or fumigated, which is required of wood pallets and packaging to comply with international phytosanitary standards.
        The earlier article incorrectly indicated that heat-treating requirements applied to the pallet.
        For more information, visit the Rehrig Pacific Web site at www.rehrigpacific.com or call the company at (800) 546-4993.

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