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New on the Market
New products in the pallet industry.

By Staff
Date Posted: 5/1/2006

Timberland Big Jake Scragg Mill


    Timberland Machinery manufactures machinery and equipment for the pallet and sawmill industries, including the company’s Big Jake scragg mill.

    The Big Jake scragg mill can process up to 12 short logs per minute into a three-sided cant. It accepts logs ranging from 36-60 inches long and can be modified to process logs up to 20 feet long. The Big Jake scragg mill has a hands-free log positioner for safety.

    Timberland Machinery also is developing a new version of the Big Jake scragg mill that will produce a four-sided block from short logs.

    Timberland Machinery also manufactures a stringer notcher, trim saw, and a new double-deduster to clean both surfaces of the board. Other machinery products include belts, rollcases, chain decks, and more.

    Timberland Machinery also has a selection of used sawmill machinery and equipment for sale.

                For more information, call
Timberland Machinery at (417) 255-0546 or visit the company Web site at



Jo Saw Offers Blade Sale Through June

    Jo Saw & Supply Inc. is offering a sale on disposable 10x40T circular saw blades through June 30. The company’s special price on these blades is $9.50.

    Jo Saw & Supply manufactures and supplies circular and bandsaw blades. It offers bandsaw blades, including BI-metal carbon blades, for pallet dismantling machines and band resaws.

                For more information or to order, call Jo Saw & Supply at (888) 869-9363 or e-mail josawsupply@msn.com.



PRS Adds New Optimax Trim Saw


    Pallet Repair Systems (PRS) has added a high capacity version of its popular Optimax trim saw.

    The new model, the PRS Optimax MP, is designed for high production single end-trimming of material up to 3x4, both new and recycled boards.

    The new, improved design includes many features to increase production and ergonomics, the company said.

     For more information, call PRS at (866) 546-8864 or visit the Web site at www.prsgroupinc.com.


BC Saw Expands Diamond Tooling


    BC Saw & Tool Inc. has expanded its diamond tool facilities and will continue to do so the next few months.

    The company’s larger facility is prepared to meet diamond tooling requirements for customers.

    BC Saw & Tool specializes in the sale and service of carbide saws, routers, cutters, bandsaw blades, metal saws, and custom cutting tools.

    The company’s certified technicians use state-of-the-art technology and equipment to sharpen blades, router bits, cutters, knives, hand tools, metal cutting blades and other tools to their original specifications or better.

    BC Saw & Tool engineers, using your tool specification, can custom manufacture any blade or profile.

                For more information, call the company at (888) 251-2236, e-mail info@bcsaw.com or visit the Web site at www.bcsaw.com.

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