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Canadian Pallet Council Continues Growth
CPC Meets: Members of the Canadian Pallet Council gathered for organization’s 29th annual conference and general meeting; theme was ‘Partners in Progress.’

By Staff
Date Posted: 8/1/2006


    Members of the Canadian Pallet Council gathered recently for the organization’s 29th annual conference and general meeting in Toronto. The theme was ‘Partners in Progress.’

    The Canadian Pallet Council (CPC) is a cooperative organization that offers low cost, competitive pallet services, including an efficient interchange system, for the Canadian consumer products industry. The non-profit organization has almost 1,400 members that own and exchange more than 7 million distinctive orange CPC pallets in circulation.

    The council continues on a strong financial footing while the CPC made substantial progress on many key initiatives, reported president and ceo Belinda Junkin. CPC membership remains strong with growth of 7% over the past three years, she said.

    At this year’s annual meeting, members heard from key industry leaders, and Belinda and CPC board chairman Diane Fitzgerald discussed the accomplishments of CPC’s strategic initiatives. Members also elected a new board of directors for 2006-2007.

    The keynote speaker was N. Arthur (Art) Smith, founder and ceo of GS1 Canada (formerly the Electronic Commerce Council of Canada). Art discussed collaborative commerce and technology and shared with CPC members a rare glimpse of the future of supply chain management, including RFID (Radio Frequency Identification).

    The CPC’s strategic plan is focused on three priorities:

    • Strengthen CPC market share through major marketing and sales outreach programs

    • Increase CPC member support and association effectiveness through improvements in internal operations and customer service

    • Increase the quality, effectiveness and efficiency of CPC’s interchange system through improvements in the operations of the CPC

    Members also received an update on the status of CPC’s new state-of-the-art, Web-based container tracking software. The program, CTSWEB, has been in full production since mid-2003. In 2005, 34 companies implemented CTSWEB, bringing the total number of members on the system to 74 with an additional nine members implementing at this time.

    Alex Bird, CTSWEB project leader, outlined the latest developments and features of the CTSWEB system. John Yeomans, senior logistics analyst for Sobeys Inc., and Shawn Lacey, vice president of distribution and transportation operations for A&P, outlined why each of their companies implemented CTSWEB and the benefits they have gained from the system.

    David Luton, president of David Luton & Associates, a management consulting firm, presented an updated review of the industry pallet cost model. The pallet cost model is based on the Cleveland Consulting Associates industry cost model, developed and published in 1989; to this day, it remains the standard for industry-wide pallet costing. The new study by David reviewed the cost of the CPC system versus the cost of the CHEP rental pallet pool in Canada as well as in the U.S.; it is an excellent resource for CPC members reviewing their pallet costs.

    The CPC recognized two members for outstanding service. The Bernard Brunet Award, which recognizes excellence in pallet management, was presented to Diane Fitzgerald, vice president-supply chain for Vincor International Inc. The Les Smith Award for excellence in pallet administration was presented to Tina Lagacé, who is responsible for pallet control for McCain Foods (Canada).

    “The role of the Canadian Pallet Council has changed significantly since its inception 29 years ago, and the CPC could not have made this transition without the dedication and direction from supporters like Diane and Tina,” said Belinda. “The CPC is proud to acknowledge their hard work and commitment to the consumer goods industry.”

    The Bernard Brunet Award for excellence in pallet management is presented to a senior-level person who has made a major contribution to the handling of pallets in his or her business. The Les Smith Award for excellence in pallet administration honors the person who does his utmost within pallet administration to ensure timely, accurate and efficient recordkeeping.


Canadian Pallet Council Board of Directors 2006-07

Bruce Toal, Loblaw Companies Ltd., chair

Diane Fitzgerald, Vincor International Inc., past chair

Moses Nebres, Coca-Cola Bottling Ltd., treasurer

Brad Henderson, Sobeys Inc., executive

Shawn Lacey, A&P, executive

Clint Sharples, Paramount Pallet Inc., executive

Doug Tingley, McCain Foods (Canada), executive

Ralston Armour, Armour Logistics Services

Tim Cameron, SYSCO Canada

Bruce Dimmel, The TDL Group Ltd.

Lino DiPoce, Woodbridge Pallet Ltd.

Heidi Doering-Simpson, Pallet Renew Inc.                                    

Wendell Erb, Erb Transport Ltd.

Dan Gabbard, Maple Leaf Foods Inc.

Todd Kostal, Atlantic Packaging Products Ltd.

Jean-Paul Lalonde, A. Lassonde et Fils, Inc.

Jean-Robert Lessard, Groupe Robert Inc.

Herman Long, Scotia Pallets Ltd.

Jeff Martin, Saputo Dairy Products (Canada)

Scott Oliff, Matrix Logistics Services Ltd.

Victor Tschupikow, Versacold Group

Jeff Wilder, Thomson Terminals Ltd.

Gordon Hughes, Canadian Wooden Pallet and Container Association

Vincent Piché, Association des Manufacturiers de Palettes et Contenants du Québec Inc.

Elaine Smith, Food & Consumer Products of Canada

David Wilkes, Canadian Council of Grocery Distributors

CPC Elects 2006-07 Board of Directors

    The Canadian Pallet Council elected a new board of directors and executive committee for 2006-2007 at its recent annual meeting.

    Bruce Toal, senior director for national procurement–supply chain, Loblaw Companies Ltd., is the new chairman. Outgoing chairman was Diane Fitzgerald of Vincor International.

    In addition to Bruce, the new board has members from some of Canada’s most recognized companies, including A&P, A. Lassonde, Atlantic Packaging, Coca-Cola, Loblaws, Sobeys, Maple Leaf Foods, McCain Foods, Saputo, SYSCO Canada, Tim Hortons and Vincor International.

    “Our new board of directors complements the emerging role of the CPC,” said Belinda Junkin, president & ceo of the Canadian Pallet Council. “The knowledge and industry experience provided by the board will continue to skillfully guide this association towards meeting the needs of our members.”

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