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Comparing Bandsaw Dismantlers, Automated Trim Saws For Recycling
Recycling Equipment: For many pallet recyclers, their first machines may be a dismantler and trim saw; information provided in table form about bandsaw dismantlers and trim saws.

By Staff
Date Posted: 2/1/2007

   For pallet recyclers, the first machines a company invests in may be a dismantler and a trim saw.

   Dismantling machines and trim saws can help a company to reclaim and recycle lumber from used pallets. The reclaimed deck boards and stringers, in turn, can be used to repair pallets or assemble remanufactured pallets.

   For a pallet recycler who has a good supply of pallet cores, these machines can make a significant impact on operations as the company is enabled to recover and use recycled lumber instead of buying new lumber or new pallet stock.

   There are two broad types of dismantling machines: disc or shear type and bandsaw dismantlers. Bandsaw machines probably are the leading type of dismantler used in the pallet industry because they eliminate nail stubble and preserve more lumber.

   There are a number of different types of trim saws that can be used for cutting recycled deck boards and stringers. Automated or chain-fed trim saws allow one worker to feed used material steadily to the saw; the chains feed the lumber automatically to the saw blade.

   In the accompanying tables (trim saws) and (dismantlers), we provide information for our readers about advertisers that manufacture or sell two particular types of machines, bandsaw dismantlers and automated trim saws.

   The tables list suppliers, Web site addresses and contact information, and some information about their machines, including special features and options. Some of the companies listed also may provide custom-made machines or custom manufacturing services.

   As always, before making a buying decision, companies should carefully compare suppliers, machinery products and services.

   For more information about any of these machines, contact the supplier.

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