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New on the Market
New products in the industry.

By Staff
Date Posted: 3/1/2007

Eagle Machinery Offers Multi-Trim Saw, More

   Eagle Machinery & Supply Inc. manufactures machinery and equipment for the sawmill, pallet and lumber remanufacturing industries.

   The company’s product line includes cut-off saws, multi-trim saws, rip saws, and material handling equipment, such as stackers, feeders, conveyors, transfer chains and blowers.

   The Eagle Machinery multi-trim saw features even-ending rolls and variable speed feed chains for flexibility. It has outfeed receiving arms to simplify off-loading, a built-in horizontal waste conveyor, and a dust hood and hold-down units for smooth, trouble-free feeding. An adjustable sixth arm is optional.

   For more information about Eagle Machinery & Supply or its products, call (330) 897-3013 or visit their web site at www.eaglemachines.com.


Cook’s Offers New Band Resaw Blade

   Cook’s Saw Mfg. has developed a new band resaw blade.

   The Cook’s patent-pending Super Sharp resaw blade is a superior band blade that can reduce blade costs by more than 50%, according to the company. It also increases sawdust removal from 50%-100%.

   The new Cook’s Super Sharp band blade increases cut time and feed speeds. Customers who have field tested the new blade experienced 50%-100% longer run time compared to other blades they normally used; the Super Sharp performed for 16 to 20 hours.

   The new Cook’s Super Sharp blade is available in 1-inch, 11/4-inch and 11/2-inch widths.

   For more information, call (800) 473-4804 or visit www.cookssaw.com.



Cash Solutions Enables Credit Card Transactions

   Cash Solutions LLC Merchant Services provides services to enable businesses to accept credit card payments for goods and services.

   Accepting credit card payments can attract new customers, increase profits and improve cash flow.

   In addition, new cellular-based technology is available that allows companies which do not do business at a fixed location to accept credit card payments at remote sites. The mobile credit card terminals feature a rechargeable battery and a receipt printer.

   For more information, call Cash Solutions LLC Merchant Services at (800) 823-7542.


Mingo Measures, Marks Logs for Firewood Length

   SMH Inc. has developed a light-weight, hand-held tool for marking logs to be bucked for firewood.

   The Mingo is positioned at the end of the log. Holding the easy to grip handle, the notched wheel is rolled the length of the log. As it rolls along, the Mingo clearly marks the log at the precise measured increments with a paint mark.

   The Mingo measures and marks accurately, quickly and easily. It can measure  various lengths, such as 14 , 16 or 18 inches.

   It is made of impact-resistant plastic and dispenses ordinary paint used by contractors and surveyors.

   For more information, call SMH Inc. at (888) 267-5965, fax (208) 267-4620 or e-mail smh@themingomarker.com.


Saw Shop Supplies Blades and Guides

   The Saw Shop supplies blades and other equipment for pallet and sawmill machinery.

   The company supplies 10-inch and 12-inch strob saw blades for Pendu and Brewer machines as well as cut-off saw blades ranging from 18 inches to 26 inches.

   The Saw Shop also offers replacement guides for Baker resaws, including guide feet, pads, blocks and roller wheels.

   For more information, call the Saw Shop at (573) 323-8585.



   In the February issue of Pallet Enterprise, some information about Smetco’s single-end trim saw and bandsaw dismantling machine was omitted or incorrect in the article with tables featuring information about manufacturers and their machinery products.

   The Smetco single-end trim saw can use a 10-inch to 14-inch blade. It is equipped with one adjustable stop and can cut lumber up to 21/2 inches thick. For information about board or cuts per hour, contact Smetco.

   Smetco manufactures a bandsaw dismantling machine called the Pallet King. It has a blade speed of 3,660 feet per minute. The Smetco Pallet King has a table top that is adjusted by hand crank, and a push-button (electric) table top is optional.

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