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New Products
New Products in the pallet industry.

By Staff
Date Posted: 4/1/2007

Newman-Whitney Machines Convert Wood to Shavings

    Newman-Whitney manufactures machines for converting wood scrap and logs into shavings.

   The LS-1027 and LS-1044 Log Shaving Machines are designed to produce quality animal bedding from logs, timbers, slabs, and other material. Logs are fed into a reciprocating hopper and are shaved using a high-speed steel cutterhead. The cutterhead motor ranges from 75 hp to 100 hp, depending on the model. Feed rates range from 30-100 linear feet per minute, and the machines will make a minimum cut of 1/16-inch per pass and a maximum cut of 3/8-inch per pass.

   The SS-24 and SS-30 Shaving Machines are designed for processing material up to 5 inches thick and 13-23 inches wide. They can process slabs, edgings, cut-off blocks, end trims, and more, simultaneously shaving material of varying width, thickness and length. The machines utilize 16-knife rows of carbide knives for easy maintenance. They are fed by vibratory conveyor and feature a variable feed speed. Shavings may be removed by a pneumatic conveying system or blower.

            For more information, call Newman-Whitney at (336) 273-8261, e-mail sales@newmanwhitney.com or visit www.newmanwhitney.com.



Hewitt’s Supplies Stamps, Printers

    The George H. Hewitt Co. (Hewitt’s) supplies stamps and printing equipment for the forest products industry and other industries.

   Hewitt’s offers grade stamps, grading equipment, hand stamps and rollers, branding irons and other equipment and accessories.

   The HC200 PalletMax Grade Printer provides high-speed, full-length grade printing at the outfeed of a rip saw, planer, notcher or other machine. It can be mounted to grade print material that moves linearly or transversely. A pressurized ink system delivers continuous ink for consistent grade printing. The printer is easy to install and offers low operating and maintenance costs.

   HC RotoFlow grading ink is certified by the APA in black and blue. It is available in black, blue, red and green. It is compatible with all grade printing equipment using neoprene feed rolls. It features low fade from UV exposure and is completely water resistant.

            For more information about Hewitt’s products, call (604) 294-6288, e-mail enquiry@geohewitt.com or visit www.geohewitt.com.

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