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By Staff
Date Posted: 6/1/2007

Mingo Improved to Mark Logs for Firewood Length

   SMH Inc. has made improvements to the Mingo, a light-weight, hand-held tool for marking logs to be bucked for firewood. It is made of impact-resistant plastic and dispenses ordinary paint used by contractors and surveyors.

   The Mingo is positioned at the end of the log. Holding the easy to grip handle, the notched wheel is rolled the length of the log. As it rolls along, the Mingo clearly marks the log at the precise measured increments with a paint mark.

   The Mingo measures and marks accurately, quickly and easily. With the improvements, it now can mark logs at intervals of 6, 12, 14, 16, 18 or 24 inches.

   For more information, call SMH Inc. at (888) 267-5965, fax (208) 267-4620 or e-mail smh@themingomarker.com.


Eagle Machinery Offers Product Information DVD

   Eagle Machinery & Supply Inc. offers a Total Mill Solution information package that includes equipment literature plus a DVD showcasing Eagle’s custom machinery product line.

   The package highlights the ability of Eagle Machinery’s equipment products to improve the efficiency of mill operations with such machines as the Ripmaster Optimizing Fenceless Ripsaw Feeder and Talon Optimizing Cut-Off Saw.

   The package also includes information on equipment for feedworks and material handling.

   Eagle Machinery products are designed and built in the U.S.

   For more information or to obtain the company’s product information, call Eagle Machinery at (330) 897-3013, e-mail sales@eaglemachines.com or visit www.eaglemachines.com.


Eagle Pallet Offers Eagle Nailing System

   Eagle Pallet Equipment Co. manufactures the Eagle pallet nailing machine. Using pneumatic nailing tools, the Eagle can assemble 5-6 pallets per minute, according to the company.

   Don Craig built the first Eagle machine in Arkansas in the early 1980s and continued to sell machines thereafter.

   Eagle Pallet Equipment Co. now manufactures, markets and sells the Eagle pallet nailing machine. The company, based in Alabama, is owned and operated by Burl Landers, a 15-year veteran of the pallet machinery industry. He has extensive experience in the pallet industry including, machine design, engineering and manufacture.

   The Eagle pallet nailer is simple to operate and easy to maintain. It has no hydraulics, computers or PLC components and can assemble up to 2,500 or pallets per shift, according to the company.

   The Eagle is a tandem-style nailing machine with two nailing stations. One operator loads the automatic stringer feeder and nails. The second operator loads the automatic board feeders at the first nailing station, and the third operator loads the automatic board feeders at the second nailing station.

   For more information, call Eagle Pallet Equipment Co. at (256) 391-7211, e-mail sales@eaglepallet.com or visit www.eaglepallet.com.

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