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New on the Market
New Products in the Pallet Industry.

By Staff
Date Posted: 10/1/2007

Lenox Introduces New Sizes, Tooth Spacings

Lennox has introduced new sizes and tooth spacings for its WoodMaster line of bandsaw blades.

The WoodMaster CT blade is designed to provide a smooth finish when cutting materials like moulding, hardwood flooring, wood siding, paneling and other millwork. It works best on difficult to cut and exotic woods. The WoodMaster CT blade is now available in 1-inch x 0.035-inch gauge.

The WoodMaster B blade is a bi-metal that features two piece steel construction with a durable spring steel backing material and high speed steel tooth tips. It is designed for use on resaws and portable sawmills. The WoodMaster B blade is now available in 7/8-inch tooth spacing for 1-1/4-inch and 1-1/2-inch bands.

The WoodMaster C blade is designed for use in high horsepower saws and portable sawmills. This 2-inch x 0.045-inch gauge carbon blade is now available in a variety of tooth spacings.

WoodMaster blades are available from Lenox distributors nationwide.

For more information, call Lenox at (800) 628-8810 or visit www.lenox.com.

Temp Air Offers New H-T Unit

Temp Air has developed the new P800HTR heat-treating unit for pallets and wood packaging. The unit works with a 40-53 foot insulated container to provide a certified heat-treating chamber that will meet ISPM-15 requirements.

The Temp Air P800HTR, fueled by natural gas or propane, features a compact, integrated, high efficiency design. Fuel consumption is reduced by recirculating heated air technology. The unit also features LCD touch-screen operation with automatic shut-off and an on-board data printer and USB data port.

Temp Air provides training and support and guarantees ISMP-15 certification.

For more information, contact Temp Air at (888) 838-4035 or visit www.thermal-remediation.com.

Baker Planer-Moulder Compact, Economical

The Baker Products M-412 four-side planer-moulder is designed for easy set-up and extended use. It is an economical, compact machine featuring four cutting modes and four-sided planing and moulding.

The Baker M-412 planer-moulder features a table that can be raised or lowered with a hand crank and is equipped with a meter for high accuracy. It has a variable feed speed for either hardwood or softwood and is equipped with three depth-of-cut control plates for the bottom cutter head.

Other features include individual motors for each spindle, see-through top guard for viewing cutter head and centralized controls. Planing capacity is 13 inches wide by 3/8-inch to 9 inches tall.

For more information, contact Baker Products at (573) 663-7711 or visit www.baker-online.com.

Qescorp Sells Blades For Reciprocating Saws

Qescorp Inc. distributes metal-cutting and wood-cutting reciprocating saw blades.

The company offers three price ranges to fit any budget from the 8% Cobalt 6 inch 14 or 18 TPI teeth per inch for under a dollar to the HD Master Cobalt Blade 9" blade.

One of the featured blades is the 9-inch blade, with 5.5 teeth per inch and made of 8% cobalt bi-metal, also cuts through nails. The blade is 0.050-inch thick, which is 42% thicker than standard blades.

Qescorp offers low pricing and low shipping charges on small orders. It requires no minimum order and offers free shipping on orders more than $150. Shipping is by Fed Ex with three to four business days for delivery.

Orders can be placed online at www.discountsawblade.com, or an order form can be printed from the Web site and sent via fax.

For more information, visit the Web site or call Qescorp at (888) 641-9798.

Wisconsin Company Offers Auditing Service

Wisconsin-based Forest Products Services offers IPPC heat-treating auditing services.

It is the only auditing agency in the Mid-West that is accredited by the American Lumber Standards Committee, according to the company.

For more information, call Forest Products Services at (920) 217-5704 or e-mail ddebroux@new.it.com.

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