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Index of 2008 Pallet Enterprise Articles
Index of all Pallet Enterprise articles published in 2008, classified by topic or category.

By Staff
Date Posted: 1/1/2009


            For the benefit of our readers, in this issue we provide an index to all the major articles that were published in Pallet Enterprise in 2008.

            For your convenience, they have been grouped according to about two dozen categories. Under the various categories, the index lists a brief description of the article or a company name along with the month the article was published.


Pallet Company Features

Troymill Wood Products, February

Neopal, March

Coxco, May

Custom Design Pallets, June

Northwest Pallet, August

Bluewater Pallet, October

Tilsner Carton, October

BC Wood Products, December


Pallet Recycling, Wood Fiber

R&R Pallet, February

Introduction to Grinding, May

K&S Pallet, May

Superior Pallets, July

Fuel from Wood, July

Southeast Pallet, August

Tony Pallet, August

Potomac Supply, September


Crates, Containers

Caseworks Crating & Shipping, April


Sawmill Features

Morgan Lumber, March

McDowell Lumber, June


Pallet Lumber

Lovvorn Lumber, March

Mahon Forest Products, September

Beasley Forest Products, November

Bear Lodge Forest Products, December

Reed Lumber, December



Hardwood Industry Changes, June

Wood Treatment Options, September


Specialty Wood Products

Wood Pellets – PA Pallets, May

Green Building Products, October


Industry Suppliers

Brewer Inc.-Golden Eagle, January

Viking’s 600th Champion, February

Nail Outlook, March

G. Wine Sales, April

Baker Products Turns 20, May

New at Richmond Expo, July

J&J Machinery, September

Nail Tariff Update, October

Pallet Repair Systems, November

Machinery Reviews

Pallet Heat-Treating, April

Nailing Machines, July

Package Saws, September


Foreign Spotlight

Red Stag Timber, April

Global Wood Markets, August

Industry Events, Association Activities

Digital Enterprise, April

Richmond Expo, April

Richmond Expo, May

Labor Survey, May

Richmond Expo, July

Block Pallet Pool Launch, August

New NHLA, September

Wage Changes, October



Jack Thornton, May

Betty Garnett, June

Carroll Edwards, October

Alternative Materials

Wood or Plastic? November

NextLife Plastic Pallet, November


Pallet Management & Rental

Peco Inroads, January

iGPS Ramps Up, February

CHEP Lawsuit, March

Postal Pallet Update, August

CHEP Lawsuit Advances, September

Tracking, RFID, November

Phytosanitary Issue

Pest Regs Looming? February

Emerald Ash Borer Insect Update, June

ISPM-15 Update, September

ISPM-15 Update, December


General Business

Economic Outlook-Part 1, January

Economic Outlook-Part 2, February

Overdue Collections, February

Forward Logistics, March

Block Pallets and Challenging Times, April

Underground Economy, April

Family Matters, May

Carbon Footprint, May

Manage Freight Dollars, June

Wage, Overtime Law Pitfalls, June

Business Software, June

Surviving a Recession, July

Regulatory Roundup, July

Kismet Logistics, July

Truck Drivers Scarce, July

Energy Crisis, October

Health Care Options, October

Scammer Caught, October

Manufacturing Block Pallets, December

What Is Your Business Worth? December

Obama’s Impact, December

Winter Weather, December



IFCO Indictments, April

I-9 Software, August

Immigration Tangle, September


Letter from Ed

Tribute to Bill Sardo, February

Facing a Changing World, April

Pallet Pools, June

Information for You, August

Real Fixes to Real Problems, October

What-Me Worry? December


Thinking Ahead-Chaille Brindley

Micro Change, January

Proprietary Pallet Dilemmas, March

Do You Have a Story? May

Beware Scammer, July

Right Questions, Best Answers, September

Dealing with Economic Doldrums, November


Virginia Tech Column

Analysis Improves Performance, March

Stretch Hood Stabilizes Unit Load, June

Proposed Grade Rule for Cants, October

Vacuum Kills Insects in Wood, December


Sawmill & Treating Insights Column-Dr. Brian Bond

Curve Sawing Low-Grade Hardwoods, April

Rein in Energy Costs, July

Preventative Maintenance Programs, October


Markets in Transition-Rick LeBlanc

RFID and Finding Lost Pallets, February

Totally Environmental, May

Lost in Translation, August

A Sustainable Future, November


Market Update-Jeff McBee

Room for Optimism in 2008, January

Canadian Hardwood Market, February

Hardwood Sawmill Health, March

Too Hot or Lean and Mean? April

Between Rock and

Hardwood Place
, May

High Energy Costs, June

High Oil Prices, July

Monsters Under the Bed, September

Too Bad to Be True, November


Forklift Safety Column

Protect Visitors to Your Plant, March



OSHA Targets Wood Dust, August

Personal Protective Equipment, October



Buyers’ Guide, January

2007 Article Index, January

Trade Associations, February

Lumber Pages, September

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