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July Product Profiles
Product Profiles

By Staff
Date Posted: 7/1/2000

Rainier Introduces Bosco Chomper Firewood Processor

Rainier Hydraulics has developed a new multi-purpose automatic firewood processing machine called the Bosco Chomper.

The Bosco Chomper can process by gravity feed as many slabs or limbs that can be hand-fed into the infeed trough. It also can process tree-length logs up to 12 inches diameter into cut, split firewood by using a combination of winch and gravity feed. An automatic dump box delivers the processed wood directly into the conveyor.

The Bosco Chomper cuts with a shear blade, eliminating frequent maintenance associated with saws. In addition, the tree-length logs can be processed at ground level with the aid of the hydraulic winch, so loaders or lift trucks are not needed.

Several different models are available, including the Model 16PDA and Model 14PDA, which are self-contained, diesel powered units; the all-new Simplex 14 is the lowest cost self-contained model.

For more information, contact Rainier Hydraulics at (800) 457-9136, e-mail chomper@aone.com, or Web site at www.forestind.com/chomper.

ProGrind H-3854 Shredder Features New Hammermill

Precision Husky has developed a new patent-pending hammermill for its new ProGrind H-3854 horizontal shredder. Powered by a 500 or 750 hp diesel generating 2100 rpm, the ProGrind H-3854 can process up to 100 tph.

The shredding system allows continuous processing of a variety of materials, including pallets, slabs, logs, stumps, brush, and limbs without concern for density of material.

The new hammermill was engineered with several cutting surfaces at varying depths, which virtually eliminate frequent jamming characteristic of other grinders. Rotating downward, the double-cut hammermill momentarily wedges incoming material securely between the cutting heads and the shredder feet. This action limits the depth of cut and prevents wide items from lodging between the screen and the hammermill, providing a more efficient cut with a self-adjusting hydraulic clutch. The hammermill is protected from tramp metal by two features.

The ProGrind H-3854 has a compact design, is road legal for transport, and is equipped with large flotation tires. The 48-inch stacking conveyor unfolds to a 26-foot length with a 30-degree discharge height of 16 feet.

For more information, contact Precision Husky Corporation at (205) 640-5181, e-mail precisionhusky@msn.com, or Web site at www.precisionhusky.com.

Murphy-Rodgers Collector Removes Wood Particles

The Murphy-Rodgers MRD high-efficiency collector effectively removes chips, shavings, metal filings and fine particles from the air in woodworking and metalworking facilities. With a dependable pull-through system and rugged construction, the affordable MRD offers a simple design and effective performance, and it is easy to maintain.

The MRD separates a majority of the waste material and deposits it immediately into the storage section; then it passes through bag filters and through the fan, which helps eliminate risk of damage to the fan.

All hoppers are equipped with free-flow tapered outlets and an easy-to-operate sealed sliding gate. There is a choice of rotary air lock discharge or a variety of different hopper sizes.

For more information, contact Murphy-Rodgers at (323) 587-4118 or fax (323) 583-9540.

Mellot Log Turner Available in Turn-Up, Turn-Down Styles

The Mellott Model 7 log turner is available in both a turn-up and turn-down version. It features extra heavy construction and a simple design in order to minimize maintenance and down-time.

The mast of the turn-up version is angled away from the carriage so that the turner will pull out on the bottom of a log or cant. This makes turning a log easier and allows the corner of a cant to swing out while turning, requiring less mast movement and less operator input.

Pivot bearings are one-piece urethane sleeve bearings. The log turning chain is direct drive by a large hydraulic motor, and the chain take-up is enclosed in the turner mast to prevent damage. The side and bottom chain wear plates are replaceable.

For more information, contact Mellow Mfg. Co. Inc. at (717) 369-3125 or fax (717) 369-2800.

Peterson Pacific Horizontal Grinder Is Mounted on Tracks

Peterson Pacific Corp. has introduced a new track-mounted horizontal grinding machine. The new HC 2410 Heavy Duty Recycler is based on the company’s successful HC 2400 Recycler series. The track mounting allows the operator to move the machine to the material.

The Peterson Pacific HC 2410 is powered by a diesel engine rated at 460 horsepower and features a rotary drum grinder that has proven to be especially efficient at processing high moisture content organic material without plugging.

Carbide bits mounted to fixed, non-swinging holders accurately size material, and a horizontal feed conveyor works with a crushing feed roller to continuously, efficiently feed even bulky material to the grinder.

The Peterson Pacific HC 2410 is designed for processing green waste, land clearing debris, construction debris, and other organic material. Product sizing is determined by the easy-access grate system; a variety of grate sizes are available.

For more information, call (541) 689-6520 or fax (541) 689-0804.

Morbark Improves Tub Grinder

Morbark has updated its Model 1300 tub grinder to make it more user friendly. Already known for its productivity, durability, and heavy-duty construction, the industrial machine is used by contractors, wood recyclers and government entities.

The updated version of the Morbark Model 1300 tub grinder has a more spacious, wide body operator’s cab, including such features as deluxe seat with built-in joysticks, enhanced noise-dampening insulation, and AM-FM radio. The operator also has a new capability to reverse the discharge augers from the cab in the event of plugging. Extra tough hydraulic hoses add to the machine’s durability along with 2-inch wear plates and heavier outriggers and stabilizers.

The Morbark Model 1300 tub grinder comes with such standard features as full break-away torque limiter, dual tub drive, dual discharge augers, full hydraulic tub tilt, self-contained knuckleboom loader, and folding discharge conveyor.

Morbark is introducing a new, patented design in grinding rotors for the Model 1300 as well as Morbark’s organic waste grinding machines. The new rotor concept was scheduled to be unveiled at Waste Expo 2000 in Atlanta in May.

For more information, call (517) 866-2381.

Bandit Adds to Brush Chipper Line with 14-Inch Model 254

Bandit Industries has introduced a new addition to its line of Brush Bandit® Chipper machines, the 14-inch Model 254.

The hydraulic-feed, disc-style chipper is similar to Bandit’s popular Model 250XP because it has the same powerful hydraulic feed system. It differs from the 250XP, however, because the chipper opening is 287 square inches, 25% greater. The powerful feed system on the Model 254 Brush Bandit and the new easy climb feed wheel tensioning system make feeding larger pieces easier and reduce movement of material in the infeed hopper. The increased opening and powerful feed system reduce the need to trim; it is easy to feed and is effective chipping brush.

The Model 254 also is available with three knife pockets that enable the machine to chip more smoothly with less vibration; knives stay sharper longer, reducing knife maintenance costs.

The machine has a 360-degree swivel discharge spout, hand crank swivel discharge spout. A variety of gas and diesel engines up to 135 hp are offered.

For more information, contact Bandit Industries at (800) 952-0178, fax (517) 561-2273.

PFERD Combo Tool Sharpens Teeth, Levels Depth Gauges

PFERD Inc. has developed a new hand tool for sharpening saw chain, the Chain Sharp®. The combination tool sharpens saw chain teeth and levels a chain’s depth gauges in one operation. The convertible tool works on-site and adapts to both right and left-facing teeth.

PFERD Inc. manufactures a broad line of chain saw files, mill files, grinder wheels and other chain saw tools and accessories. For a complete catalog, contact the company at (800) 342-9015 or fax (978) 840-6421.

Valmet Introduces New 890.1 Large-Capacity Forwarder

Valmet has developed a new forwarder, the 890.1 The Valmet 890.1 is built for large, heavy loads in order to reduce trips; it has a capacity of 20 tons.

The Valmet 890.1 is powered by a 7.2-liter diesel engine, the Sisudiesel 634 DWBIE; it is the same power plant fitted in Valmet harvesters and produces high torque yet has low fuel consumption. The hydrostatic drive system is Valmet’s largest and features high pulling power and a high driving speed.

Together the engine and hydrostatic drive system provide an abundance of horsepower and torque, resulting in low operating rpms and moderate pressure levels. Component fatigue and wear are reduced, prolonging the service life of the machine.

The Valmet 890.1 is controlled by the Maxi system, which is new. The Maxi system ensures optimal control and power for the driver, who can make many individual settings on a screen. This version of Maxi also includes many new features, such as operating and production follow-up.

The Valmet 890.1 comes with either a Cranab 850 or 1250 loader, which has a reach of 24.6 feet, and Cranab grapple. The loader geometry is well developed throughout its range, even up close, and it has plenty of strength at full reach.

For more information, contact Partek at (906) 428-4800 or e-mail at info.us@partekforest.com.

New High-Speed Morbark Screen Sorts 3 Chip Sizes

Morbark has introduced its newest, high-speed chip screen with a 5-foot by 10-foot frame. It features a 10 hp, 1,800 rpm electric motor and is able to sort three chip sizes.

The screen is belt-driven from the motor to a 24-inch diameter pulley. Supported by four hanger assemblies equipped with heavy-duty universal joints, the unit has a screening surface area of 50 square feet. The machine is capable of screening 4,600 cubic feet of loose chips per hour.

Screening plates can be made to different hole specifications and are easily removable; changing a screen requires only the loosening of the holding brackets.

For more information, contact Morbark at (517) 866-2381, fax (517) 866-2280, or Web site at www.morbark.com.

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