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New Products
New products in the pallet and sawmilling industries.

By Staff
Date Posted: 7/1/2009

CWPCA Leadership – A Surprising Change

            Readers familiar with the Canadian Wood Pallet and Container Association (CWPCA) are bound to know Gordon Hughes who has run the organization almost since it began. The announcement that Gordon is no longer going to be the CWPCA’s Executive General Manager comes as a shock to most of us. Gordon has been associated with the wooden pallet industry for close to 39 years.

            Gordon served as Executive General Manager of the CWPCA for most of his career. The last five years or so, he has been president of Wood Packaging Solutions, Inc., which has had the contract to manage both the CWPCA and Canadian Wood Packaging Certification Program (CWPCP).

            At the recent annual CWPCA meeting, the decision was made for Gordon to step down, and for the association to look for a capable person to take his place. It is our understanding that the association has a person in mind to run the organization; we anticipate making an announcement of the new executive general manager at the appropriate time. In the mean time, Sandy Lees and Bernie Campbell will handle the association’s affairs; you may contact them at 877/224-3555.

            Gordon is one of the best known and respected people in the North American pallet industry. We anticipate running an Enterprise Salute outlining his accomplishments and recognizing him in the August issue of the Pallet Enterprise. Gordon anticipates attending the Interpal meeting to be held this coming September in Philadelphia. We look forward to seeing him again at that time.




Mid-Continent Names Skarich to Lead Sales

            Mid-Continent Nail Corp., which supplies bulk and collated nails and pneumatic nailing tools to the pallet and container industry, has promoted George Skarich to executive vice president of sales and marketing. George previously was vice president of sales for the western division.

            George, who has relocated to Mid-Continent’s headquarters in Poplar Bluff, Missouri, joined the company in 2007 with 16 years of experience in the nail industry. He previously was director of sales for Tree Island Industries.

            George worked for Tree Island Industries and an affiliate, Halsteel, from 1992-2007, and prior to that he worked in the concrete industry for 15 years and was a plant manager.

            Mid-Continent also announced the assignment of Kirk Henningsen to the position of manager of distributor sales.

            K.G. Sims is manager of pneumatic tools and industrial sales.

            For more information on Mid-Continent and its products, call the company at (573) 778-1211 or visit the web site  online at www.magnumfasteners.com.




Kentucky Wood Expo Sept. 18-19

            The Kentucky Wood Expo will be held Sept. 18-19 in London, Kentucky. It will be the 27th anniversary of the annual trade show.

            This year’s expo is expected to draw 6-8,000 visitors, who will be able to see all types of forestry equipment.

            The show, sponsored by the Kentucky Forest Industries Association, will feature about 100 exhibits and demonstrations of machinery and equipment for logging, sawmills, secondary processing and pallets.

            Other features and activities include logger education classes, educational displays, lumberjack competitions, loader and skidder contests, crafts, music and more.

            Advance tickets are $3 and may be purchased from the association; tickets at the gate are $5 and $2 for children ages 6-12; children under 6 are free.

            For more information, call the association at (502) 695-3979 or visit www.kfia.org.




Pendu Develops New Chamfer

            Pendu Manufacturing has developed a new chamfer machine. The Pendu model 2800B board chamfer offers high performance with minimal maintenance.

            Standard features include a 3 hp electric gear drive with variable speed controller operated from a remote pedestal. No. 80 chain with four heavy-duty push dogs, cam roller guide and auto chain tensioner provide smooth operation and longer life.

            The Pendu model 2800B board chamfer has a tilt back, flush front design that provides consistent feeding and allows for easy loading and unloading. The board exit features a mechanical auto re-stack.

            The 8x2 cutters with offset indexable carbide inserts reduce chatter and improve finish. Each cutter head is independently controlled by an air cylinder that allows for easy change-over from single-sided chamfer to dual-sided with the turn of a selector switch.

            Independent head design reduces moving weight, which provides quicker cutter response and reduces wear and tear on moving parts.

            The Pendu model 2800B board chamfer is designed for easy access and removal of cutters.

            The machine requires three-phase 240/480 electrical service. Lock-out panel and starts are not included in base price.

            For more information, call Pendu at (800) 233-0471 or visit www.pendu.com.




Trace Equipment Offers Hopper-Fed Block Saw

            Trace Equipment Corp., which supplies machinery for the pallet industry, is offering a new hopper-fed block saw. It is designed to enable one operator to cut 2x4 or 4x4 blocks from 24-inch drops.

            The saw is powered by a 30 hp, 3-phase electric motor that can execute 20-25 cutting cycles per minute. At 16 blocks per cycle, the machine can produce 320-400 blocks per minute.

            It runs a 14-inch circular saw blade on a 3-15/16-inch diameter arbor. It is fed by a pneumatic pusher and features an outfeed chute that drops into a hopper.

            Options include a 20 hp electric motor and custom saw placement.

            For more information call Trace Equipment at (877) 778-7223 or visit www.traceequipment.com.




Smetco Introduces High Speed Stacker

            Smetco has introduced a new electric high speed pallet stacker for high volume pallet sorting and stacking applications.

            The new Smetco model EPS40 can stack 18 pallets per minute with a high degree of reliability. The machine operates smoothly to stack pallets without the ‘bounce’ associated with some stackers.

            Stacks are contained by a ‘fourth wall’ consisting of two stacker doors that open automatically during the ejection cycle, providing an added level of safety to the pallet recycling process.

            The new Smetco EPS40 stacker combines the best in state-of-the-art electronics and proven industrial components.

            The new stacker has been in operation for almost two years with nearly flawless performance, according to Smetco.

            For more information, call Smetco at 800-253-5400 or visit www.smetco.com.




Wood-Mizer Web Tool Lets Customers Design Sawmill

            Wood-Mizer has added a new feature to its Web site that lets customers customize a portable band sawmill to their choosing.

            The feature, called the Configurator, is accessible through the Wood-Mizer Web site, www.woodmizer.com. The new feature received over 2,500 visits the first day, according to Wood-Mizer.

            After customers pick an engine size and sawmill accessories, Wood-Mizer e-mails them an estimate that includes pricing and pictures of the sawmill. Customers can also call and talk to a Wood-Mizer consultant to finalize details and receive special offers.

            “The Configurator makes everything easier for the customer,” said Dave Mann, vice president of Wood-Mizer’s sawmill division. “That’s our goal. We have near-unlimited options for our sawmills, but we wanted to make choosing those options simple.”

            Wood-Mizer is a leading manufacturer of portable band sawmills and also produces a line of thin-kerf band blades.

            For more information, call Wood-Mizer at (800) 553-0182 or visit the Web site above.




Calif. OKS Methyl Bromide Monitor

            The California Department of Pesticide Regulation has approved a PureAire Monitoring Systems device for monitoring fumigation with methyl bromide.

            The agency approved the real time sensor monitor for detecting methyl bromide in addition to colorimetric detector tubes.

            The PureAire Air Check Advantage Continuous Methyl Bromide Monitor is approved to monitor enclosed areas, including greenhouse soil fumigation and commodity fumigation.

            It is designed for monitoring fumigation chamber clearing and storage areas. Applications include fumigation monitoring at agricultural facilities and international airports and seaports where commodities are fumigated prior to shipping.

            Fumigation with methyl bromide is an approved method of treating pallets for export to comply with ISPM-15 and prevent the spread of wood-eating insects, and the monitor is suitable for these applications.

            The PureAire Air Check Advantage Methyl Bromide Monitor is capable of low, 0.3 parts per million detection. It features a local digital display, 4-20 mA analog output, user-settable high and low concentration alarm relays, and a failsafe system fault relay. The monitor uses a detection system that converts methyl bromide into a gas that is more easily and selectively detected by a renewable electrochemical sensor.

            The monitor’s annual maintenance costs are about $75, and it can save an average orchard up to $16,000 annually in colorimetric tubes, according to PureAire.

            For more information, Call PureAire Monitoring Systems at (888) 788-8050, e-mail pureaire@dls.net or visit www.pureairmonitoring.com.




Rayco Offers New Horizontal Grinder

            Rayco Manufacturing has introduced a new horizontal grinder for small contractors. The new Rayco RH1754 is designed to be compact and affordable.

            The Rayco RH1754 is highly productive and can grind a wide variety of wood waste materials, including tree limbs and brush, sawmill waste, lumber scraps, pallets, and more. It also can be used to re-grind wood chips.

            The Rayco RH1754 produces a high quality mulch from wood material and is an economical alternative to solid waste disposal fees associated with wood waste material.

            The grinder weighs 14,000 pounds and is easily transported and maneuvered.

            For more info­r­ma­­tion, call Rayco at (800) 392-2686 or visit online at www.raycomfg.com.




Vista Machines Offers Angle Boss Up-Cut Saws

            Vista Machines manufactures the Angle Boss line of up-cut saws. Angle Boss saws are easy to operate, cut quickly and accurately, and are safe to operate. The company offers a number of models.

            When operating an Angle Boss saw, the board is positioned under the guard-clamp. The saw is controlled by two buttons, one button for each hand. One button lowers the guard-clamp into place to hold the board; the second button powers the saw through the cut, lowers the saw back into the machine base, and the guard-clamp raises to release the board. The cycle automatically reverses if the operator releases either button at any time. Cycle time is about 2 seconds.

            Angle Boss saws can make miter cuts. For mitering, left-right rotation of the saw table allows angle cuts up to 75 degrees from 0.

            The model MB-18 can make bevel cuts and perform compound cuts. For bevel cuts, the blade can lay over to the left up to 45 degrees from 0; compound capability enables the saw to cut on any combined miter and bevel setting. A digital read-out scale is used for bevel settings.

            The saw table rotates with a handle inserted into the table; any miter setting can be made within 10 seconds. A ˝-inch drive ratchet with short extension is required to change bevel settings.

            The same ‘point-of-cut’ at the fence line makes it easy to set up the length of cut.

            Vista Machines also offers an AutoSet feature on standard machines that lets the operator input the desired angle setting via pushbutton keypad.

            The company can provide solid and roller tables, manual and air-operated swing up material stops and complete CNC-operated cutting systems.

            For more information, call Vista Machines at (717) 359-9212 or visit www.angleboss.com.





            An advertisement for Brewer Inc.-Golden Eagle on page 50 in the June issue of Pallet Enterprise inadvertently contained incorrect employee contact information.

            The advertisement listed David Piper as a contact person for Brewer along with an e-mail address and telephone number.

            David Piper is on the staff of Brewco, where he has been employed for five years. David may be contacted at Brewco at (800) 237-6880.

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