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New products and news in the pallet industry.

By Staff
Date Posted: 8/1/2009

Viking Introduces Control Conversion for 303 & 304 Champions

            Viking Engineering has developed a new, c-class control conversion kit for older Champion 303 and 304 pallet assembly systems, which were manufactured from 1987-1997.

            The new GE Fanuc conversion kit replaces original Square D controls. Viking developed the conversion kit because the Square D controls, considered state-of-the-art at the time, have become obsolete, costly or both.

            The GE Fanuc control components are the same that come standard on Viking’s current Champion model, the QC306, and add a number of benefits and improvements to the older Viking Champion machines:

            • The conversion reduces replacement costs; the GE Fanuc rack is nearly $1,000 less than a replacement Square D rack, and input and output cards are less expensive.

            • Rack alignment issues are eliminated.

            • Faster processor speed increases pallet production.

            • Easy to use touch screens make operator interface more efficient and reduce training time for new operators.

            • Clear, simple function controls add brake and machine warm-up (if available on the 303 and 304) to the touch screen menu.

            • Improved reliability for increased machine up-time.

            A Viking technician removes the power supplies, operator interface and all rack components. The new GE Fanuc rack is mounted in the same location as the Square D rack. The new rack is rewired and OIU installed. The conversion takes less than one day.

            For more information about the new c-class control conversion kit, call Viking’s service department at (800) 545-5112 or (763) 586-2400 or e-mail service@vikingeng.com.

TPI Can Certify Chain-of-Custody

            Timber Products Inspection Inc. has received accreditation to certify chain-of-custody for the Sustainable Forestry Initiative (SFI) and the Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certifications (PEFC). The company was accredited by the American National Standards Institute.

            Chain-of-custody certification is a tool to track wood fiber from a certified forest, providing a link between certified forests and certified wood products. Certification with either program can help a company distinguish its products from competitors by demonstrating that they are made from wood of trees grown in sustainably managed forests.

            SFI, a program of the Forest Resources Association, an industry trade organization, is one of the largest, fastest-growing forest certification programs in the world. More than 160 million acres of North American forests have qualified for SFI certification.

            For more information about Timber Products Inspection or the chain-of-custody programs, call the company at (770) 922-8000 or visit www.tpinspection.com.

Rehrig Penn Signs National Beef Pact

            Rehrig Penn Logistics (RPL), the services and logistics division of Rehrig Pacific Co., has signed an agreement to provide pooling services to National Beef Packing Co.

            RPL will provide National Beef’s Dodge City processing facility with pooling services for a new plastic reusable combo bin. The bin measures 40x48x47, holds up to 2,600 pounds, and is fully collapsible when empty.

            National Beef will use the combo bins to store and move meat trim and grind product. It will enable the company to eliminate the use of wood pallets and corrugated gaylords during processing. The move will reduce the potential for contamination from wood pallets and help eliminate product damage associated with corrugated gaylords, which lose their shape when wet.

            The change to the plastic combo bins is projected to achieve significant savings for National Beef in packaging costs and reduced product damage. It will also help the company achieve goals for using environmentally sustainable transport packaging.

            RPL has established a 15,000-square-foot service facility in Liberal, Kansas to service National Beef. RPL will manage freight, wash and repair combo bins, and use radio frequency identification (RFID) technology to track the movement of combo bins.

            RPL also will provide real time reporting for inventory management and supply chain analysis using the RFID data and its Web-based tracking system.

Wood-Mizer Offers Computer Setworks for 2 Portable Mills

            Wood-Mizer offers computerized setworks for two of its portable band sawmills.

            The SimpleSet is available for new Wood-Mizer LT40 and LT40 Standard Hydraulic models; it also can be retrofitted on the same models manufactured since 1997.

            With the SimpleSet computerized setworks, the sawyer does not have to calculate blade heights for precise board thickness; the setworks can save desired board thickness into two pre-set buttons.

            SimpleSet quickly and accurately controls blade height by referencing the previous cut. When the operator pushes the down lever, the cutting head will drop automatically to the pre-set thickness.

            At the end of the cut, return the saw head, and push the down lever again; SimpleSet remembers where it was and drops to the next pre-set thickness. It is easy to use and speeds up work flow.

            SimpleSet includes two stored pre-sets in 1/16-inch increments.

            For more information, call Wood-Mizer at (800) 553-0182 or visit www.woodmizer.com.

BCS Supplies Furnace to G&M Pallet Company

            Biomass Combustion Systems (BCS), a leader in environmental-friendly wood burning technology, has supplied a furnace to G&M Pallet Co. in Cleveland. The furnace, using scrap wood for fuel, can heat the company’s 30,000-square-foot building.

            The BCS furnace will enable G&M to keep its plant 15 degrees warmer than previously and save money, too.

            Prices for natural gas, the company’s previous heating fuel, had been increasing, noted company president Gary Petrick. In addition, the company can burn scrap wood that otherwise it would have to pay to have removed.

            Burning wood for heat is greenhouse gas neutral and lowers the company’s carbon footprint; it will reduce or eliminate the need to purchase carbon credits to comply with evolving government regulations.

            BCS offers systems that burn cleanly, are durable, and optimize combustion for a wide range of wood fuels.

            For more information, call BCS at (508) 798-5970 or visit the Web site at www.biomasscombustion.com.





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