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Sobeys’ Henderson to Lead Canadian Pallet Council as Board Chair 2nd Year
Canadian Pallet Council: Brad Henderson of Sobeys is elected to a second term as chairman of the board of the CPC at the organization’s recent annual meeting.

By Staff
Date Posted: 9/1/2009

TORONTO — Brad Henderson was re-elected to a second term as chairman of the board of the Canadian Pallet Council (CPC) at the CPC annual meeting in Toronto earlier this summer.

            Brad, national director of the logistics business technology center for Sobeys Inc., and Belinda Junkin, president and CEO of the CPC, highlighted the achievements and initiatives of the organization during the 2008-09 year. The CPC also elected new officers at the annual meeting.

            Established and based in Canada since 1977, the CPC provides low cost, competitive pallet services, including an efficient interchange system and Web-based container tracking system, for the Canadian consumer products industry. The CPC is a non-profit organization with over 1,250 members who own and exchange about 7 million distinctive orange pallets.

            The CPC initiated a new pallet industry inspection system in the past year; it was developed and piloted nationally utilizing a third party inspection company, SGS Canada. The inspection program will be implemented at the end of the pilot program.

            It also provided consulting services on business processes and issues resolution on a pilot basis to CPC members. Based on member feedback, the services will be modified and subsequently offered to members at large.

            The organization also launched a major project to replace the current office system with a new integrated system to better service members. The CPC engaged PricewaterhouseCoopers to define the CPC’s business requirements and assist with the selection of a vendor and software solution.

            The CTSWEB container tracking system continues to be upgraded and enhanced to address member requirements. More members are using the system to track returnable assets.

            A new strategic plan for 2009-11 will focus on three priorities. The CPC will improve economic benefits for members by facilitating the resolution of disputed pallet imbalances and liabilities, improve member satisfaction, and enhance financial benefits and value to members.

            The annual award for excellence in pallet administration was presented to Diane Lalonde of Provigo Inc. The annual award for excellence in pallet management was given to Shawn Lacey of Metro Ontario Inc.

            They keynote address was given by Andrew Coyne, national editor of Maclean’s.

            Joining Brad and Belinda on the CPC board’s executive committee for 2009-10 are vice chairman Brian Parteno of Maple Leaf Consumer Foods, Todd Kostal of Atlantic Packaging Products, and Clint Sharples, Paramount Pallets.

            Other members of the 2009-10 board of directors are: Ralston Armour, Armour Logistics Services; Rene Couture, Loblaw Companies; Bruce Dimmel, TDL Group; Heidi  Doering-Simpson, Pallet Renew; Herman Long, Scotia Pallets; Scott Oliff, Matrix Logistics Services; Denis Parent, A. Lassonde; Nunzio Patriarca, SYSCO Canada; Tina Rowsell, McCain Foods; Doug Saunders, Vincor Canada; Ryan Scobie, Woodbridge Pallet; Todd Simpson, Coca-Cola Bottling; Thomas Tomovic, Saputo Foods; Jeff Wilder, Thomson Terminals; Lesley McKeever, Food & Consumer Products of Canada; and David Wilkes, Canadian Council of Grocery Distributors.

            “I look forward to working with both the board of directors and the executive committee to ensure the CPC continues to achieve its significant 2009 objectives,” said Belinda. “I would like to take this opportunity to thank all of the members of the board of directors and their companies for their time and contribution to the continued success of the CPC.”

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