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Sonoco Manufactures Dura-Blocks for Block Pallets
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By Staff
Date Posted: 3/1/2010

            Sonoco is a leading manufacturer of composite pallet blocks in North America. Many signs indicate a potential of shifting more toward block pallets away from the more common North American stringer pallet design concept. Block pallets utilize stringer boards and blocks, normally nine, instead of the conventional three stringers.

            Natural wood grains and imperfections in solid wood blocks can cause wide variations in pallet quality and consistency. Product damage and injuries from popping nails and broken deck boards are an ongoing frustration.

            In Europe, where block pallets are the most common design, composite wooden blocks are an accepted alternative to help eliminate the problems associated with solid wood blocks. Sonoco manufactures composite blocks in its Hartsville, South Carolina plant; the company has over 300 locations nationwide.

            The Sonoco Dura-Block™ pallet blocks are made from very high-density compressed, recycled wood chips. They are designed to allow pallet makers to maintain reduced costs while providing a durable, consistent product that adds strength and integrity to each pallet.

            Sonoco’s strength-enhanced lead boards use a specially laminated wood material to protect pallets; this material resists splintering and breaking, resulting in fewer returns or repairs.

            The company indicates that Dura-Block withstands almost double the pounds of force in forklift tine compression tests and more than double the pounds of force in nail withdrawal testing.

            Sonoco says FirmaGuard lead board withstands more than five times the amount of fork tine impact when compared to natural wood.

            For more information, call 888/875-8754 or visit the web site www.sonocotranspack.com.

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