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Suppliers Offer Machines for Grinding and Shredding
Round-up of companies that manufacture or supply machinery and equipment that can grind and shred pallets or other wood material.

By Staff Writer
Date Posted: 8/1/2000

Pallet businesses and sawmills produce significant volumes of waste wood material as a by-product of their operations. Suppliers of grinding and shredding equipment can help them convert wood waste to other marketable products.

Whether the company is fully integrated, with its own sawmill or scragg mill, remanufacturing lumber into pallet parts, making pallets from cut stock, or repairing pallets and conducting other pallet recycling operations, new and recycled wood waste accumulates. The slabs, trim ends and shims pile up; at pallet recycling operations, broken or otherwise flawed used pallet parts and entire pallets mount up.

Waste wood is a solid waste challenge. How can companies dispose of the material? Some companies explore another option: how can they convert waste wood to a value-added product and market and sell it to add to their revenues.

Various types of grinding and shredding equipment have provided solutions to pallet companies and sawmills. Technological advances have improved both the product produced by the machinery and their performance. Suppliers offer systems to process relatively small volumes of waste wood or an individual pallet to much larger machinery that can grind entire pallets or skids and other large wood debris, such as limbs or stumps. Grinding and shredding machinery varies widely in terms of production capacity, size, portability, and other factors.

With some effort and marketing, companies are developing new wood fiber products and markets where they may be sold. These include bedding for livestock, surface coverings for playgrounds, landscape mulch, supplementary feedstock for fiberboard production, fuel, compost, and others.

While some companies have invested in machinery to grind or shred waste wood, others may choose simply to partner with such companies by supplying them with waste wood.

From time to time, Pallet Enterprise publishes articles that may give particular focus to the grinding operations of a pallet company or sawmill business.

In a recent article, the owners of Tree Brand Packaging told how they were forced to look for a solution after they had been able to give away their waste wood for years. When the giveaway arrangement dried up, the ends and blocks began to pile up. Tree Brand elected to invest in grinding machinery to convert its waste wood into a saleable product: mulch. The answer was a hopper-fed grinder now producing about two trailer-loads of mulch per week. Most of the mulch is sold wholsale to landscapers.

Wood Waste Solutions, a major Canadian pallet recycling company whose growth has been heavily tied to the automotive industry, made significants investments in grinding equipment that enabled it to become Ontario’s largest wood processor. The company has a wood fiber processing operation and also a mobile service for grinding material at customer locations, including other businesses and municipalities.

Pallet companies and sawmills should carefully consider the pros and cons of investing in grinding or shredding equipment, just as they should for any strategic business decision. They may need to investigate markets for mulch and other wood fiber products and to carefully determine their costs — in other words, a sound business plan.

On this and the following pages, we present information from suppliers who provide grinding and shredding machinery and equipment. The companies are listed in alphabetic order with information about how to contact each one.

Advance Lifts
St. Charles, Illinois
(800) 843-3625

Advance Lifts has developed a new machine that shreds pallets into chips. The Pallet Muncher can shred pallets up to 48x54.

The Advance Lifts Model APM-4854 Pallet Muncher is easy to use. The operator loads the pallet into the machine and sets an adjustable timer for the correct pallet size, then turns on the machine.

The machine, powered by a 10 hp motor, will shred the pallet in eight to 10 minutes; depending on pallet size, it can shred seven to 10 pallets per hour.

Advanced Recycling Equipment Inc.
St. Mary’s, Penn.
(800) 611-6599

Advanced Recycling Equipment Inc. offers a complete line of Challenger® grinders, both hopper-fed and horizontal models. The company makes over 46 models of grinders and also will custom build machines. Advanced Recycling Equipment also supplies a complete line of material handling equipment, including truck loading equipment, conveyors and blowers.

Advanced Recycling Equipment Challenger grinders range in size from 1 foot wide to 10 feet. They are capable of producing from 500 to 40,000 pounds per hour.

Challenger grinders are made with heavy duty components and have a low-speed, high-torque drive. The main rotor and shaft are one piece solid steel. Other features include programmable logic controls.

The company’s FixCut® cutting system is engineered to cut through the most difficult wood, plastic, paper and cardboard waste material. The productive cutting system is available in both small and large configurations to best fit a customer’s requirements. The FixCut cutting system can process slabs, butts, end cuts, veneer, edgings, bark, and various dry wood from pallets, flooring, and furniture operations.

Screen sizes range from 3/8-inch to 2 ½ inches. They come in 1-foot sections for added structural strength and reduced weight for maintenance personnel to handle. They also are available in a baffled style to allow production of fine, consistent products such as animal bedding.

Advanced Recycling Equipment offers design and engineering services and can provide complete turn-key waste management systems.

Bandit Industries
Remus, Mich.
(800) 952-0178

The Bandit Industries Model 3680 Beast Recycler® is suitable for grinding pallets and other wood material into various products.

The Bandit Beast Recycler has a powerful feed system with a 30-inch by 60-inch opening. A hydraulic feed wheel guides material into the cutting mechanism at a controlled rate. The unique horizontal cuttermill with bend-away tool holders allows materials to be cut, not beaten apart. Cutting is regulated, minimizing horsepower requirements and reducing operating costs.

The Bandit Beast Recycler is product, cost-effective and versatile. In addition to pallets, it also can process telephone poles, railroad ties, wet or dry newspaper, construction and demolition debris, logging, sawmill and paper mill waste, whole trees, stumps, brush, and more to a consistent particle size in one pass.

A variety of screens and 10 different cutting and grinding tools produce a dimensional end product that is suitable for mulch, compost, animal bedding, boiler fuel and pressed board.

The Bandit Beast Recycler is road legal without permits and may be set up in about 10 minutes.

Biomass Combustion Systems
Princeton, Mass.
(508) 393-4932

Biomass Combustion Systems designs, manufacturers and installs wood-fired energy systems. These systems include new wood boilers up to 600 HP and modifications to existing wood boilers to increase efficiency, safety and output.

Boiler packages feature the horizontal zoned grate, which offers boiler operators greater flexibility and control over the combustion process; the horizontal zoned grate will burn green, dry or a mixture of green and dry.

Biomass Combustion Systems also manufacturers wood-fired hot air furnaces that have been tested in the marketplace for over 20 years and rely on a design that is both efficient and durable.

The company’s two principals have over 28 years of combined experience with wood-fired boilers and furnaces.

Biomass Combustion Systems offers a range of services from turn-key cogeneration systems to technical assistance for the do-it-yourself client.

Concept Products Corporation
Paoli, Penn.
(610) 722-0830

Concept Products Corporation is a supplier of Shred-All low-speed, high-torque shredders for grinding pallets into mulch.

The Shred-All D7200 Series 4 machine reduces wood waste to a mulch-sized product without creating dust or dangerous flying debris. It is a highly portable system that may be easily transported with a 3/4-ton pick-up truck.

The Shred-All is driven by a load-sensing hydraulic system that adjusts the speed and torque to best process the material. Powered by a John Deere 125 hp diesel engine, the unit is protected by a computerized control system that will shut down the machine for the following conditions: high temperatures of engine oil, hydraulic oil or water; low hydraulic oil pressure; or ungrindable material. Wear parts, such as cutting teeth, anvil bars and auger liner, are all replaceable.

The Shred-All is less than 14 feet long, under 7 feet wide, and nearly 9 feet tall. Weight, including optional conveyor, is 9,000 lbs. It is equipped with hydraulic or electric brakes on both axles.

The Shred-All has low operating costs and is easily serviced and maintained.

Continental Biomass Industries
Newton, New Hampshire
(603) 382-0556

Continental Biomass Industries manufactures stationary and portable biomass recovery systems. CBI machines recycle wood material into valuable fiber that can be used for a variety of applications, such as fuel, mulch, animal bedding, compost, playground covering, supplemental feedstock for fiberboard manufacturing, and more.

The CBI Grizzly Mill is the ‘heart’ of the company’s grinding systems. It is designed to process large volumes of wood waste, such as telephone poles, railroad ties, stumps and brush, construction and demolition debris, bark, and more. It is tolerant of rock and metal.

The CBI Roadmill is the portable version of the Grizzly Mill. It has a 60-inch wide feed conveyor, a 10-foot by 12-foot load hopper, and a 48-inch diameter by 60-inch solid steel rotor hog. It is powered by an 800 hp Cat diesel engine. The outfeed conveyor is 45 inches wide by 30 feet long and has a discharge height of 15 feet.

The CBI Magnum Force Series 4800 HZ Hog is equipped with a 48-inch diameter solid steel rotor. It comes with two rugged feed rollers, upper and lower, powered by three heavy-duty, high-torque planetary gear drives for continuous positive feeding of logs, stumps, brush and other material. A built-in prescreener allows abrasive fines to by-pass the hog, extending wear component life. It is powered by an 880 hp to 1000 hp Cat engine. The CBI Magnum Force Series 6000 HZ Hog is equipped with a 60-inch diameter rotor.

The CBI Stationary System can be delivered in a wide range of configurations to accommodate a customer’s individual requirements. The units utilize the CBI Grizzly Mill. Throughput ranges up to 150 tons per hour.

The company’s newest machine is the CBI Track Hog. Powered by a 900 hp Cat engine and with a 330 Cat track, it is designed for off-road processing of wood material.

Cresswood Recycling Systems
Cortland, Illinois
(800) 962-7302

Cresswood Recycling Systems offers a complete line of horizontal-style and hopper-fed low-rpm grinding machines. Cresswood grinders are capable of reducing pallets, chunks and strips to small, uniform pieces of wood fiber. Production capacities range from 300 lbs. to 12,000 lbs. of wood waste per hour.

Cresswood grinders feature aggressive, low-rpm cutterheads. The company was the first to design a cutterhead geometry that maximizes output for both green and dry wood while minimizing noise and vibration. The cutterhead design concentrates 100% of the machine’s power on one tooth at a time. Cutter teeth and anvils are indexable and may be changed four times.

Programmable logic controllers eliminate the need for timers and relays. They also allow the cutterhead to "talk" to the main drive motor and the hydraulic pump. The machine makes real-time adjustments based on actual loads the grinder is processing, ensuring optimal machine efficiency.

Cresswood grinders also feature high service factor drive, shaft and bearing components; quick-change, close-tolerance screens; replaceable bronze wear strips; and the Ram Track™ guide system.

Cresswood has been manufacturing machines for more than 30 years. It makes a commitment to customers to return machines to service within 24 to 48 hours if it breaks down.

Jamestown, N.D.
(800) 243-4601

DuraTech manufactures a full line of tub grinders, horizontal ram-fed grinders, trommel screens and compost turners. Its goal is to produce rugged, innovative and efficient equipment. With burning laws changing and landfill space becoming more valuable, DuraTech’s role in helping the environment continues to grow.

The company has been manufacturing tub grinders for over 30 years and stands behind them to ensure customer satisfaction. DuraTech’s tub grinding equipment offers cutting, edge, productive, durable technology.

The DuraTech HD-9, a 9-foot unit, has a tub that tilts hydraulically to 90 degrees for unobstructed access to the hammermill. It is equipped with a 275 hp electronically governed John Deere engine that is protected by a friction clutch and torque limiter.

The DuraTech model 410 Grindmaster is a ram-fed horizontal grinder that is equipped with a 300 hp electronic John Deere engine. It has a 4-foot by 10-foot hoper and a 38-inch hydraulically driven drum that is reversible; it also comes with a 48-inch unloading conveyor. The machine can grind wood, yard waste, construction and demolition waste, shingles, and asphalt.

The company introduced coverings for its line of industrial tub grinders. The covers, available on all DuraTech tub grinders, fold hydraulically over the conveyor, adding minimal height to transport.

The coverings provide better control of flying debris, which allows grinding in tight areas, according to industrial sales manager Bruce Leiseth. The covers, which also tilt with the tub, are operated via remote control and can be positioned to cover the tub completely or partially, depending on loading methods.

DuraTech industrial dealers are located throughout North America to serve customers. The company’s dealer network provides parts and a high level of service.

High Point, N.C.
(336) 885-1010

Eurohansa has been supplying low-speed, high-torque wood waste grinders and horizontal hogs to the wood industry for over 12 years. Built for industrial use, many machines have logged over 30,000 hours already and still are running strong.

Unique to Eurohansa grinders are the special cutting tool systems. The cutters are seated in specially milled pockets of a solid steel rotor and fastened directly to the rotor. Due to the positioning of the cutters, fewer cutters are required, which also means lower horsepower requirements as well as the assurance of a truly four-sided indexable cutter. Eurohansa does not use a welded tool support system because of the possibility that a substandard weld could break the entire cutting assembly off the cutter head; a welded support system also may preclude the use of all four sides of the cutters.

Eurohansa grinders are available in a wide range of sizes to suit any wood waste application up to 40 tons per hour.

Fecon Inc.
Cincinnati, Oh.
(800) 528-3113

Fecon manufactures grinding, screening, turning and mixing equipment for organic wastes. Output generated by its grinding or processing machines is suitable for composting or volume reduction.

The company’s mobile organic resource processors are capable of handling brush, yard waste, wood, waste paper, food waste, and pre-sorted construction and demolition debris up to 18 inches in diameter. Fecon’s sturdy machines can process up to 70 tons of material per hour.

Fecon offers three models of its MZA series processors. They range in size from a 170 hp model to a 325 hp version. Each is powered by a Caterpillar diesel engine and is equipped with a 58-inch-wide hammermill.

Fecon processors are easily transported to any work site and require no special permits or lengthy set-up times. They may be operated by one employee.

Grinder Equipment Technology
Ontario, Ore.
(888) 412-8060

Grinder Equipment Technology is a manufacturer of portable tub grinding machinery. The company offers a number of different size models. They range in size from an 8-foot model with a 181 hp engine that may be towed by a pick-up truck to machines up to 14 feet equipped with an 800 hp engine and others in between.

The company’s model PTG 818125 is the most portable, compact machine at only 8 feet wide and 26 feet long and may be towed by a pick-up truck. It is powered by a 181 hp Caterpillar engine and features a direct drive system. The PTG 818125 may be easily serviced.

Jones Manufacturing Co.
Beemer, Nebraska
(402) 528-3861

Founded in 1929, Jones Manufacturing Company began building the Mighty Giant line of commercial duty tub grinders in 1960. Originally intended for agricultural use, specifically for grinding hay and forage, the Mighty Giant improved on existing technology by offering more user friendly features.

In response to customer demands for a grinder that could also process brush, garbage, yard waste and wood waste (pallets, limbs and sawmill waste), Jones Manufacturing developed a heavier duty machine in the early 1980s. This new and improved Mighty Giant was initially marketed to municipalities, mainly in the Mid-Atlantic region.

Today, the Mighty Giant has a substantial presence in the Mid-Atlantic states, where it is popular among sawmills, municipalities and landscaping contractors. Equipped with free-swinging hammers, heavy-duty frames and top-driven elevators, the Mighty Giant fills an important niche in the tub grinder market.

Lane Equipment Co.
Charlottesville, Va.
(804) 296-8696

Lane Equipment Co. manufactures the Bark Buster line of industrial tub grinders. The company’s L-1800 model will process bark, chips, leaves and yard waste, while the L-2000, equipped with the Astralloy-V Hammermill, will grind brush, limbs, pallets and stumps.

The L-1800 features a 50-inch-long cylinder that is 26 inches wide with 88 hammers. Discharge is via a 26-foot-long folding rubber belt conveyor. Power is provided by a diesel engine ranging from 260 hp to 300 hp. Knuckleboom loader is optional.

Lane Equipment Bark Buster tub grinders are made to be durable, rugged, portable, high-capacity machines.

LPS Equipment and Acquisition
Cambridge, Minn.
(800) 598-3651

LPS Equipment and Acquisition buys, sells and leases new and used pallet and lumber processing equipment, including hogs, shredders, grinding machinery, chipping equipment, mulch coloring systems, conveyor and blowers, and much more.

The company handles such makes as Rotochopper, Cresswood, Schutte, Fulgum, Montgomery, and equipment manufactured by ther suppliers.

Montgomery Industries International
Jacksonville, Fla.
(904) 355-5671

Montgomery Industries International manufactures a complete line of wood and bark hogs, slow-speed grinders and air handling fans.

The company recently developed a horizontal-feed, mid-speed grinder with infeed openings ranging from 10 inches to 75 inches. The grinder incorporates a solid steel rotor assembly in conjunction with a spiked roll feed system and control panel to grind edgings, blocks, slabs, and whole pallets. The machine is low-noise, low-speed, low-maintenance, and fully automated.

The KC series hog machines can grind large volumes of various wood scrap, including pallets and pallet scrap into consistent end product. It is available in a wide range of infeed openings, sizes and horsepower to meet a company’s specific requirements. Design features include solid steel rotor assembly, replaceable lug inserts, replaceable wear liners, tramp metal protection, and dodge spherical roller bearings.

Montgomery Industries supplies both complete turn-key systems and individual components. It has been offering durable, reliable machines and support for over 75 years. The company provides a free informational videotape.

Winn, Mich.
(800) 233-6065

Morbark is a leading manufacturer of grinding, shredding and chipping equipment for reduction, disposal and recycling of wood waste. The company manufactures industrial tub grinders, wood hogs, trommel screens, chipping machinery, and much more.

Morbark recently introduced a new electric stationary grinder. It is suitable for grinding pallets, greenwaste and regrind and can process material at rates of 200 cubic yards per hour. An optional attachment is available to allow grinding and coloring in one pass.

Morbark offers nine different models of industrial tub grinders. The Model 1500, the largest in the series, is designed for high volume wood waste grinding. Applications include wood yards and other operations that generate large quantities of wood waste.

The Model 1500 can process virtually any size and shape of wood waste material, including stumps, logs, ties, pallets and more at rates ranging from 180 to 500 cubic yards per hour, depending on the type of material. A breakaway torque limiter eliminates the need for belt drives, belts, sheaves and jack shafts. Standard features include full hydraulic tub tilt, hydraulic folding conveyor, dual auger discharge, pressure-compensated hydraulic system, and hydraulic rod puller. The Model 1500 is completely portable and can be set up in five minutes. Screens are available for any sizing requirements.

Morbark’s smallest industrial tub grinder, the Model 950, which also can grind pallets and other material, is capable of production rates ranging from 35 to 85 cubic yards per hour. It features full hydraulic tub tilt, breakaway torque limiter, dual discharge augers, and heavy-duty hammermill. The Model 950 may be transported by pick-up truck

Morbark also manufactures several models of wood hogs, such as the Model 3600, which can process pallets, ties, and other material at rates exceeding 250 cubic yards per hour, depending on material.

Packer Industries Inc.
Mableton, Ga.
(800) 818-2899

Packer Industries is a manufacturer of equipment for the reduction of wood waste, construction and demolition debris, urban wood waste, and sold waste. The company’s machines offer an economical way to reduce waste and convert it into a product that may be used or sold.

The Packer 750 Grinder is designed for on-site grinding of waste materials, such as pallets or pallet parts, into chipped wood fiber that is suitable for landscaping, animal bedding, fuel, and other uses.

The Packer 750 Grinder is a top-loading horizontal grinder that is designed and built for durability and strength. It was developed to meet particle size requirements, to be easy to use and convenient to transport and set up. The machine is fully hydraulic like the larger Packer 2000 Grinder. The Packer 750 Grinder comes standard with a magnetic head pulley and dust suppression system. The machine is small enough to be moved around and easily loaded by hand or with a skid steer loader.

Peterson Pacific Corp.
Eugene, Ore.
(800) 269-6520

Peterson Pacific Corp. introduces a new addition to its innovative line of horizontal grinders. Based on the highly successful HC 2400 Recycler series, the HC 2410 Heavy

Duty Recycler is a crawler track-mounted grinder. Track mounting allows the operator to take the

grinder to the material, opening up grinding possibilities in previously inaccessible areas.

The HC 2410 is powered by a diesel engine rated at 460 horsepower and features a rotary drum grinder that has proven to be especially efficient at processing high moisture content organic material without plugging. Carbide bits mounted to fixed, non-swinging holders accurately size material. A horizontal feed conveyor works with a crushing feed roller to continuously and efficiently feed even bulky materials to the grinder.

The HC 2410 is designed for processing greenwaste, land clearing debris, construction debris, and other organic materials. Product sizing is determined by an easy-access grate system; various grate sizes are available.

Peterson Pacific also manufactures a line of wheeled horizontal grinders with engines from 350 to 1,000 horsepower.

All Peterson Pacific grinders feature a totally enclosed grinding chamber that produces virtually no flying debris, making them safe to operate.

Precision Husky Corporation
Leeds, Ala.
(205) 640-6181

Precision Husky Corporation manufactures the ProGrind™ Tub Grinder in five sizes with production rates ranging from 10 tons per hour to 100 tons per hour.

All are fitted with the ProGrind Safety Smart™ Thrown Object Deflectors. These greatly reduce the potential of objects being thrown from the machine by reducing the angle and deflecting material into the tub wall.

The 16,200-pound ProGrind 1000 is easily towed and set up in less than four minutes. It is powered by a 240 hp diesel motor with a final drive of 1 to 1 at 2,200 rpm. Two augers are used to discharge shredded material to a 14-foot-long, 30-inch-wide conveyor.

A wide range of screen options is available as well as a 20-foot folding conveyor and magnetic pulley.

Recycling & Processing Equipment
Peru, Ind.
(800) 472-3202

Recycling & Processing Equipment is a distributor of the CMI line of grinders, including the MegaGrind, MaxiGrind, and BioGrind machines, and also provides a contract grinding service.

The BioGrind 400 machine is a horizontal-feed grinder with a dual conveyor discharge system. It is powered by a Caterpillar 3406 engine that generates 385 hp. The hog assembly includes screens, shearbar, concaves, rotor, and large-diameter feed roll.

The hopper construction of the BioGrind 400 features all steel sides with a reinforced floor and hydraulic drive conveyor.

Coon Valley, Wis.
(608) 452-3651

Rotochopper is a supplier of wood waste grinders to sawmills, pallet companies, and other businesses in the forest products industry. The company’s machines, available in both diesel and electric, can process cut-offs, pallets, slabs, edgings, cants and brush into mulch, fuel and animal bedding.

The Rotochopper MC 166XLT can process whole pallets, brush, bark and trees up to 12 inches in diameter, plywood, cut-offs, slabs, edgings, plastic, and paper products into a uniform particle size. With a 66-inch wide infeed and powered by a 460 hp CAT diesel, it is capable of processing 125 cubic yards per hour through a 2-inch baffled screen. It is road ready with no permits required and may be set up in less than five minutes.

The Rotochopper MC 156 has a 56-inch wide infeed and is powered by a 260 hp CAT diesel; it has a production capacity of 80 cubic yards per hour.

The Rotochopper EC 124, 156 and 166 models are stationary machines with state-of-the-art electronics. They are available with infeeds of either 24 inches, 56 inches or 66 inches and with power ranging from 75 hp to 300 hp. The company also offers a stationary, 180 hp CAT diesel-powered machine, the DS 24.

Rotochopper also offers a coloring attachment, the CM497, to produce colored mulch. It is available for both electric and diesel grinding machines.

Schutte Pulverizer Co. Inc.
Buffalo, N.Y.
(716) 855-1555

The Schutte HOGerizer is a horizontal-style machine that processes scrap pallets into a finely ground mulch in one pass. The processed wood fiber is suitable to be sold in markets for boiler fuel, animal bedding, mulch and other products.

The Schutte HOGerizer is completely integrated. It feeds pallets automatically, grinds them, and removes all nails, screws and staples — all in one pass; no secondary operations are required. The finished grind may be conveyed by air up to 250 feet or more into a waiting trailer, storage facility or for further processing or handling.

The Schutte HOGerizer is available with either a 250 hp electric motor or 402 hp diesel engine.

The Schutte HOGerizer meets EPA, DEC and other government requirements for safe disposal of solid waste.

The company provides free demonstration videotapes.

Tryco-Untha International Inc.
Decatur, Illinois
(217) 864-4541

Tryco is a national representative for Untha four-shaft and single-shaft grinders that produce controlled particle sizes in one pass. Models are available to convert pallet pieces or whole pallets into mulch, animal bedding, fuel, or similar products. Untha single-shaft shredders average outputs of 500 lbs. to 24,000 lbs. per hour.

Reversible and indexable cutters have precision mounted holders for optimum alignment. The hopper features a space-saving design that is achieved by side wall ram storage and dual outboard-mounted hydraulic cylinders.

Wood waste is dropped into the hopper sloped floor, and material is forced against the rotor. When the ram moves into reverse, materials slide toward the rotor, and bridging of waste is averted. The quiet-running machine may be operated in almost any occupied area.

All pinch points are shielded for safety. The outboard-mounted ram and rotor bearings reduce contamination from debris.

Siemens SPS controls ram pressures for optimum performance plus automatic reversal control and foreign substance recognition.

Soft-start motors are wired to reduce peak demand start-ups. Each electric motor has thermal and amp load sensors for protection against overload. When an empty load is sensed, the unit shuts off automatically.

Untha shredders have a built-in auger conveyor for product removal. Units are available with electric or electric-over-hydraulic drives and come completely assembled, ready for operation. Outlet screens are available from 15 mm to 100 mm. Large infeed hoppers accept full-size pallets and plywood panels.

West Salem Machinery
Salem, Ore.
(800) 722-3530

West Salem Machinery is a manufacturer of grinding equipment for pallets and wood scraps. The company offers a full line of high-speed hogs and low-speed shredders, both in horizontal and vertical-fed units.

West Salem high torque wood and pallet shredders run on low horsepower, generate low levels of noise and dust, and require low maintenance. They are designed and built to operate automatically.

The West Salem Model 1662HT high torque wood and pallet shredder is made of a heavy-duty welded design. The drum assembly includes a 16-inch drum with 4.5-inch diameter through-shaft. The shredder is equipped with four-way indexable heat-treated teeth. The hydraulic feed ram rides on rollers for smooth operation, and the machine has the ability to detect jamming and has an automatic shut-down system. Sizing screens are of modular design for easy changing. The machine also is weatherproof for indoor or outdoor use.

West Salem Machinery has more than 50 years of experience in size reduction machinery.




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