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Pallet People - Brad Kirkaldy
Industry veteran Brad Kirkaldy joins Noble Machinery.

By PE Staff
Date Posted: 4/1/2010

            Brad Kirkaldy recently rejoined Noble Machinery, about ten years after he left the company. Brad grew up with Kent Noble and joined the company early as an adult. Like many of us have done, he left for what he hoped would be a better opportunity. This time he rejoins Noble as a part owner. 
            Kent Noble said, “I needed another person to help us provide the sales and service to expand our product offerings. Brad is well known in the industry. I offered him a clean deal to give him a piece of the action. Both of us are pleased with what the future has to offer us. We work closely with many of the other machinery suppliers because we represent many of them to our customer base.”
            For more information on Noble Machinery’s products, call Brad at 800/348-0703.

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