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Pallet Enterprise Video Gallery
Pallet Enterprise launches Video Gallery with videos from Smart Products, Phillips Saw & Tool, Sweed, BC Solutions, and PalMate ERP.

By Staff
Date Posted: 5/1/2010

            It was only five short years ago that YouTube, the online video sharing Website, launched and forever changed the Internet. Now, it appears that many companies are viewing videos online to make decisions about equipment purchases and changes to their existing operations. The staff of Pallet Enterprise is committed to bringing you the best ideas and new features to help you make smarter purchasing decisions. The Pallet Enterprise Video Gallery is the first step in connecting our Web site and digital editions with the world of online video.

            Starting with the April 2010 issue, we have added an online demonstration and video gallery to both the stand-alone Web site (www.palletenterprise.com) and the first left-hand page of each issue of the digital edition. Each listing will include a live link to a video plus the brand name of the supplier and a short description. We will constantly be adding new videos, so you should check back often to see what is new in the world of pallet and low grade lumber online videos from leading suppliers. New videos will also be featured in a special section in each issue of the print edition of Pallet Enterprise as they are added to the Video Gallery.

            Are online videos really important? According to the latest data from comScore Inc., 86.5% of the total U.S. Internet audience viewed online video in December 2009, and the duration of the average online video was 4.1 minutes. Broadband Internet access as well as improved video content is a major driver behind the boom in the online video market.

            Smart suppliers can take advantage of these trends by either putting their demonstration videos online or creating unique, catchy viral videos with basic consumer-grade video equipment. You don’t need advertising agency quality video these days. All you need is a good message and interesting visual. The staff of Pallet Enterprise is committed to helping industry suppliers improve their online video marketing program with vehicles to promote their videos as well as guidance in how best to develop content.

            Here are the reasons why the new Video Gallery is so important for advertisers.

            • Your listing will help get the word out about your video. You can have the best video in the world, but unless people know where to find it and why they should view it, your video won’t help drive sales.

            • Listings include continuous listings on both our Web site and the lead page of the digital edition each month. These are prime placement spots for very little money. Additionally, your listing will receive an editorial mention in the print Pallet Enterprise as well as inclusion in Google News. 

            • Having third-party, media sites, such as Pallet Enterprise, link to videos on your site will help you with your search engine ranking.

            • Top placement is sold on a first-come, first served basis. Get in on the ground floor to secure the best spots.

            Find out how we can help you get the word out about your online videos. Call your ad sales representative at 800-805-0263 to find out more. 


Leading Suppliers Join Initial Video Gallery Showcase     

            Below are five reviews of the first suppliers to join the Pallet Enterprise Video Showcase. These leading suppliers have important messages to share. As always, your viewing of these videos and support of these suppliers, helps our staff provide you the best editorial coverage around for FREE. Please tell the advertisers that you saw it in the Pallet Enterprise.


Smart Products

            Video of Smart Products band dismantler for pallet disassembly. Overview video focuses on the efficiency of the Smart band dismantler, the board trim saw, and single end trim saw in reclaiming lumber. This is a great introduction video to the Smart Products line, especially for someone new to pallet recycling or considering adding a new machine.

            View the video online at http://smartproductsinc.com/videos.htm


Phillips Saw & Tool

            Learn what it takes to make superior cut, have longer blade life for your blades. This video covers leveling and tensioning and consistent re-sharpening with mechanized processes to eliminate human error. See if your current blade maintenance and sharpening processes meet the grade. 

            View the video online at http://psaws.com/


Sweed Machinery

            Demonstration of Sweed Model 510 Scrap Chopper cutting bandsaw blades. This light-hearted video asks the question, “Will it chop?” It looks at the capabilities of the Sweed chopper. Dave Day makes chopping look fun. Who ever knew that disposing of bandsaw blades could be such a good time? 

            View the video online at http://www.sweed.com/willitchop/episode-5-bandsaw-blades



            New pallet nailing machine capable of producing 2 pallets per minute, sizes from 36x36 to 60x60. The video showcases the flexibility of the pallet clamping system that allows for easy change over to accommodate pallets configurations from 3 to 4 stringers and winged pallets. The machine fastens both the top & bottom deck boards’ simultaneously eliminating the need to turn over the pallet.

            View the video online at http://palletnailingmachine.com/


PalMate ERP

            How much time are you wasting having key company data scattered over several computer programs? By integrating your critical information into one system, PalMate ERP offers improved integration and visibility that can improve the performance of all aspects of a pallet or lumber business. PalMate ERP is a fully scalable Enterprise Resource Planning software solution designed particularly to integrate back office functions with pallet sales and production. See a video of the newly released PalMate ERP version 1 management software. 

            View the video online at http://palmateerp.com/

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