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Wood-Mizer Announces 2010 Sawmill Product Line
Entering new decade, Wood-Mizer expands it sawmill product line to include eight models with new features added at no extra cost.

By PE Staff
Date Posted: 6/1/2010

            Wood-Mizer enters a new decade with an expanding product line. It continues to offer eight models, with each product boasting new standard features that have been added to its mills at no extra cost. The new standard features can be found on Wood-Mizer’s portable mills including the LT28, LT40, LT40 Hydraulic, LT40 Super Hydraulic, and LT70. New standard features vary by mill model and include: power feed, faster up and down head movement, auto clutch, computerized setworks, and manual winch.

            Wood-Mizer unveiled its new “Mills to the Max” campaign at its January bi-annual national sales meeting. The theme of the meeting was providing more value to customers through products and services. The event also included a preview of future products.

            For more information on Wood-Mizer’s sawmills and sawing products, call 800/553-0182 to speak to a sales representative, or visit the web site at www.woodmizer.com.

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