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Sweed Launches Product Development to Eliminate Scrap
Chopping scrap banding can save dumpster space and reduce costs associated with disposal. Sweed sees its 450 WM XHD scrap chopper as an ideal solution.

By PE Staff
Date Posted: 6/1/2010

††††††††††† In its efforts to encourage B2B recycling, Sweed is launching its latest product development to help generators of scrap plastic banding eliminate scrap at an affordable price.

††††††††††† Chopping scrap banding used to be considered optional. But with the explosive growth of the recycling industry and its demand for a higher grade of pre-processed scrap, Sweed believes itís rapidly becoming a necessity. Most agree that unchopped banding is a waste of valuable dumpster space, and hauling it can be a waste of fuel and labor.

††††††††††† Sweedís redesigned model 450 WM XHD dual drive scrap chopper is Sweedís newest plastic banding scrap chopper. Sweed says the 450 is quickly becoming a staple for packaging companies that are generating a significant amount of scrap plastic or PET banding. Sweed indicates that many facilities have this particular unit placed at each location where scrap plastic banding is generated.

††††††††††† Sweed indicates that the 450 WM XHD dual scrap chopper is the machine of choice for chopping large volumes of plastic or PET banding, and it is less expensive than a larger model. For information, call 800/888-1352 or 541/855-1512, or visit the web site at www.sweed.com.

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