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Pendu Announces New Five Head Shaving Mill
Looking to turn wood waste into profits, consider this new five head shaving mill by Pendu.

By PE Staff
Date Posted: 6/1/2010

Pendu Manufacturing, Inc. now offers a rugged five head shaving mill to turn waste wood into profits. This Pendu shaving mill features five 6 diameter x 12 wide cutter heads designed to remove of material. This machine will accept 1-1/4 thick material with a minimum length of 16.

The Pendu shaving mill is belt driven by five 40 hp 3600 rpm TEFC motors and includes a plastic chain bed for the seven strands of 80# sharp top chain that moves material through the cutter heads.

The mill is complete with a five hp electric drive and an infeed top pressure roller that is driven from the bottom drive. The top spring loaded hold down bars are chrome plated. This shaving mill can process up to 130 feet per minute, depending on the type of material used, and discharge the finished product through three shaving outlets.

For more information call 800/233-0471.

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