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EXPO Richmond 2010: Major Event Shows Economic Promise, Highlights Trends For the Pallet Industry
See all the latest and greatest from EXPO Richmond, full coverage of equipment and service offerings focusing on innovation and industry news.

By Dr. Ed Brindley and Chaille Brindley
Date Posted: 7/1/2010

            Many people in the pallet and low grade lumber industries were nervous heading into EXPO Richmond. They were concerned about the outcome. Over the years, EXPO Richmond has become a bellwether indicator for the health of the pallet industry. The good news is that despite an economy still on the rebound, overall post show attitude was very positive.

            According to Mike Washko, the show manager, at least 5,000 people attended this year’s show, about the same number as attended the last show two years ago. Considering that attendance was down in virtually every other industry show, EXPO Richmond’s attendance points to the strong reputation of the event as well as some positive economic news.

            Walking the aisles of EXPO Richmond, it was hard to get very far without seeing another familiar face. EXPO Richmond, commonly known as the Richmond Show, has become the  biggest pallet event in North America every two years, probably the biggest pallet event held anywhere in the world.

            Many pallet companies reported being fairly busy although lumber remained a major concern. Make sure to read Jeff McBee’s column on page 54 to find out more about major shifts taking place in the lumber market.

            After the show closed on Saturday afternoon, most exhibitors agreed that the show exceeded expectations. There were a lot of smiles and renewed enthusiasm. Washko said, “Money changes hands. The optimism was evident. We are pleased with the result.”

            All of this is a sign that the pallet industry is on the rebound. How long will this last? Nobody really knows.

            Tight lumber supplies and mold concerns were two common topics of discussion. While mold has always been around, it has become a much bigger deal to pallet users than it used to be. Recent current events suggest that mold may be a bigger issue in the future than it ever was in the past.

            Several new products for cutting small logs into pallet stock or resawing dimension lumber into pallet stock caught our attention. Shaving machines and firewood processors/treating systems were a big hit this year. This interest comes because of an increased focus on fuel costs and wood fiber opportunities.

            Major discussion topics among show attendees included raw material challenges, mold, trucking, taxes, higher business costs, maintenance costs, and unscrupulous competitors. Wow! The more things change, the more they stay the same.

            In addition to new products and services, some familiar faces are now association with new company affiliations. A few people with new relationships include Brad Kirkaldy with Noble Machinery, Gary Curless with BC Market Solutions, Paul Gilles with Mid-Continent Nail, and Darrell Miller with Wood Mizer. David Lieber, John’s son, is not a new face at Profile Technology, but he is taking a more active role in sales and management leadership. Jay Brickel, a long familiar face, came by our booth with information on his new company Innovative Energy Incorp. Look for more on this new development in a future issue.

            Governor Bob McDonnell attended EXPO Richmond and spoke with some Virginia-based exhibitors, including our staff as one of the long-time supporters of the show. This was the first time in years that a sitting governor attended the event. The forest products industry in Virginia feels blessed with our new governor who is a breath of fresh air with his support for small business and lower taxes.

            Put on by the Virginia Forest Products Association and supported by Virginia Tech, EXPO Richmond has become a favorite for suppliers due to its established strong buying activity, low costs, limited hassle, and favorable location.

            This article carries individual releases on a number of new products and services at this year’s Richmond Show. Our cover article features Viking’s new Skute nailing system, robot, and pallet dismantling machine.

            This selection of new products and services probably missed some exhibitors who had new announcements related to our pallet and low-grade sawmill audience. Anybody with additional information about new or improved products and services from EXPO Richmond is encouraged to call us at 804/550-0323. Please contact us as soon as possible to provide information for a second follow-up article on new things in a future issue.

Pallet Assembly Machinery

Bronco Showcases New 2011 GX with Corner Cutter & Material Caddy

            Bronco Pallet Systems has added a corner cutter option to create European style pallets. This model can produce both block and stringer pallets, up to one pallet per minute.

            The 2011 GX has a 25' x 8' foot print and comes with a full five year warranty. It automatically stacks completed pallets so your operator never has to handle them. It features an angled table for easier operation and less worker fatigue. And its stack dispenser decreases demand on a forklift operator.

            The 2011 GX works well with recycled lumber, enhancing its versatility, according to Bronco.  The entire system is designed to require less worker interruption to the nailing process to allow the operator to greater focus to increase pallet production.

            How many times have you seen a pallet repairing or nailing table in a plant where the operator has to use unnecessary steps and reaching to access needed pallet stock? Bronco Pallet Systems showed its new material caddy at the Richmond EXPO. As Clarence Leising is so quick to say, “People need to get back to basics. Keep it simple!” In this case basics means people should be able to easily reach the pallet material, and they should have a convenient place to put their nailing tools, nails, hammer, etc.

            The material caddy is a simple table with vertical material supports. The tool tray is convenient to hold hand nailing tools, hammers, nails, etc.

            For more information, call Bronco at 800/458-5462 or visit www.broncosys.com.


GBN Announces New Upgrades

            GBN illustrated the difference between its older style 4x8 angle iron upright nailing machine frames and its newer style 4x8 tubing frames. The newer framing concept was introduced a few years ago as a stronger but lighter weight frame.

            At this year’s show GBN focused on its machine upgrades. Older GBN and Campbell nailing systems can be upgraded to a more modern version GBN nailing system. This upgrade includes replacing the nailing pans, driving head system, and chuck bar, including the nailing chucks. All older components are replaced by new parts. It gives the machine a newer, cleaner look.

            GBN encourages anybody who has an older machine, including the older Campbell machines, to contact them to see if an upgrade will be of benefit. Call 800/446-9871.


Pallet Chief Introduces Block Pallet System

            Pallet Chief Mfg unveiled at EXPO Richmond its new block pallet system. The standard model can build block pallets in sizes ranging from 36" X 36" to 48" X 48". Other sizes available.

            Averaging two completed pallets per minute, three operators keep this multiples station system running. It offers one of the most cost effective, automated block systems on the market.

            Every step in the process is automated; no manual handling of the pallet is required. This new system can be built to accommodate almost any style of block pallet. The new staggered nailing feature comes standard with this system. A nesting stacker is standard for non-perimeter base pallets. Also, the new quick adjustment feature reduces change-over time by more than 50%.

            Burl Landers of Pallet Chief said, “The maintenance cost on our machine is minimal compared to other systems. It has no computers to break, only mechanical switches and relays…Simplicity is our trademark.”

            Call 256/245-0417 or 800/339-2925 or visit www.palletchief.com.


New Rayco Brander Conveyor

            Rayco Industries introduced its new brander conveyor at Richmond. This brander will brand up to 720 stringers an hour. It comes in both fully automatic and manual operation and is equipped with a potentiometer for heat regulation. A single operator can run the machine which adjusts for stringers from 1-1/4” to 4” wide and 2-1/2” to 4” high, with lengths up to 60”.

            For more information, call 804/321-7111.


Trace Shows Nail-Mate Nailing Jig

            In Richmond Trace Equipment showed its new Nail-Mate for the first time at a machinery exposition. It was mounted with Mid-Continent Nail pneumatic tools and fasteners.

            The Nail-Mate is a single operator automatic air-powered nailing gantry for making three or four stringer pallets, flush or wing style. It is counterbalanced for coils of nails with up to 3000 fasteners. The jig is designed to fasten a pallet up to 50”x50”. This gantry is designed to interface naturally with the new stack-mate automatic stacker.

            For more information on either of these machines, call Trace Equipment at 877/778-7223.


Viking Introduces Skute and Robot

            Viking introduced two brand new products, covered in detail in our cover article on page 12. Its robot has a wide variety of materials handling possibilities for efficiency and reducing the impact of worker absence.

            The Skute is Viking’s most versatile nailing system for fastening a wide spectrum of wooden products, including pallets, boxes, crates, fencing, etc. The Skute specifically fits smaller runs, odd sizes, and non-standard designs.

            Call 800/328-2403.




Pallet Recycling

Noble Introduces Pallet Hawg Bandsaw Dismantler

            Kent Noble, a long time supplier to the pallet industry, departed from past history when he exhibited his new Pallet Hawg bandsaw dismantler at EXPO Richmond. The Hawg is manufactured by an experienced machine shop and marketed by the established team at Noble.

            The Hawg is designed to be used as either a one-operator or two-operator dismantler or a pallet prep machine. The fast air operated table raises and lowers for easy stringer removal. The Pallet Hawg has a 60” capacity and uses a 10 hp motor. It can be used to disassemble both block and stringer style pallets.

            For more information, call 800/348-0703.


PRS Introduces Its New Built-Well Single Head Notcher

            PRS exhibited its new Built-Well single head notcher at Richmond. The new Built-Well single head stringer notcher can notch up to three stringers at a time. It uses a pneumatically powered stringer clamping and process cycle. Double palm button controls provide safe remote operation.

            The new notcher has inserts available for both new and recycled wood. The S15 model operates with a 15 hp motor, and the S20 uses a 20 hp motor. Its three phase electrical comes complete with starter/disconnect/controls. Air regulator and flow control systems are included.

            For more information, call 866/546-8864.


Smart Products Demonstrates New GMA Pallet Prep Saw

            As featured on the cover of the February 2010 Pallet Enterprise, Smart Products demonstrated its new GMA pallet prep saw (also known as “Smart Saw”) at EXPO Richmond.

            A very versatile machine, the Smart Saw is designed to quickly (as a 1-person operation) cut out damaged boards, including bottom, top and lead deckboards as well as middle and outside stringer boards. It is also designed as a 2-person operation to process the disassembly/tear down of GMA pallets for increased lumber recovery.

            Many recyclers find themselves having a hard time getting enough “#1” or “A” GMA pallets, but have a plentiful supply of “#2” or “B” GMA pallets. Upgrading a #2 GMA pallet to a #1 by removing broken or plugged stringers and replacing them with solid unbroken stringers can be a difficult task, particularly when the broken stringer is in the center.

            The bandsaw prepping machine can keep three repair tables busy. The Smart Saw can also reduce the number of employees required to repair pallets. A single Smart Saw allows an operator to process up to 1000 “unsorted” pallets a shift, sometimes more, prepping them to feed three repair tables. This new saw is ideal for companies that focus on GMAs and have a healthy supply of #2s that could be converted into #1s.

            What is the difference between a typical bandsaw dismantler and a Smart Saw? With a typical bandsaw dismantler, an operator has to exert quite a bit of muscle power handling pallets. The Smart Saw is specially designed with a three position, air actuated roller table that makes the steps of prepping a pallet both easier and faster.

            One air cylinder lever raises and lowers the roller table so that the bandsaw blade can cut nails on two preset levels, both above and below a stringer. The operator places a pallet top side down on the rollers, which are designed to make pallet movements smoother, faster, and less stressful on the operator. The operator can move the table up and down quickly to allow the blade to cut where desired. A second hydraulic cylinder engages a discharge table behind the roller table; this extra table “extension” provides added support when needed under a pallet that is at least half way into the machine.

            It comes with advanced safety features including interlock switches for perimeter guarding, canopy guarding, hydraulic blade tensioning pressure safety switch, and monitoring safety relay to alert users of safety malfunctions.

            Call 765/284-9545 or visit www.smartproductsinc.com.


Pallet & Lumber Treatment

Baker Offers Pallet Mold Treatment System

            Baker Products was busy at EXPO Richmond with new products for both the pallet and sawmill industries. Baker had on display its new E-Fuser pallet spray system designed to work with the mold treatment chemical offered by X-M Industries (X-Mold).

            The E-Fuser utilizes five electrostatic spray heads to thoroughly coat each pallet going through a unique formula developed by Envirosec Manufacturing to prevent and eliminate molding wood. It can pay for itself by significantly reducing (up to 70% less) the amount of chemicals required for a conventional spray treatment.

            Baker offers the E-Fuser as both a stand-alone system or integrated solution into your existing pallet nailing and stacking line. Baker also offers optional stackers for either infeed or outfeed storage. The E-Fuser is environmentally friendly, collecting excess chemical solution to be recycled through the system.

            Treated pallets remain mold free months longer than untreated pallets, according to Baker. Call 800/548-6914 or visit ww.logtolumber.com.


Gold Paints from HUB Industrial Solves Mark Problems

            HUB Industrial Supply recently began offering a metallic gold paint that covers existing treatment stamps and blends into the wood. This product works well to eliminate bleed through of old marks while allowing for putting new marks on the pallet.

            Called the Pallet Maskout, it works well for block pallets that have limited space to put marks on. Some pallet companies have found this problem to be compounded when old marks are obliterated using black spray paint. According to HUB, its gold paint blends in well with whitewood, which eliminates the eyesore caused by black paint on pallets.

            Hub Industrial sells spray paint in bulk, which means it can beat the prices of

your local supplier. For more information, call 800/743-9401 or visit www.hubindustrialsupply.com.


New A.I.T. Board Sprayer for Preventing Mold on Pallets

            The Pallet Machinery Group introduced its new A.I.T. Board Sprayer at the recent Richmond Show. The Board Sprayer is designed to spray individual boards or pallets with liquid mold inhibiter or any other similar mold preventative product.

            It is a fully automatic system. An integrated conveyor with sharp chains will transport boards through the spray box. Electrostatic spray heads apply the liquid mold inhibitor to the boards. To assure complete coverage, multiple electrostatic spray heads will apply a negative charge to the droplets of mold inhibitor so adhesion to the positively charged boards is both complete and consistent. An air assist is used to automize the liquid for application.

            A filtering system removes particulates from the mold inhibitor before it is pumped to the spray heads. This filtering system allows excess mold inhibitor to be reclaimed and reapplied.

            For more information, call 540/644-9220.


X-Mold Makes Statement about Government Certification

            X-M Industries, which has developed the X-Mold mold treatment for pallets, talked with pallet industry players about its unique mold resistant coating. A number of companies were concerned about regulatory approval. Subsequently, X-M Industries has released a briefing paper on the issue. See the full article on page 66 in this issue.

            X-M Industries also gave away samples of wood that contain treated and untreated sections to demonstrate the mold resistance of its chemical treatment. For more information, call 866/581-6653 or visit www.xmold.net.


WoodSave Displays Portable Heat Treatment System

            Mobility is what sets WoodSave apart. The WoodSave Mobile Heat Treatment System provides efficient and effective treatment for wood products literally at your doorstep. It is designed to treat pallets, crates, firewood, containers, and other wood products.

            Fully portable, the system allows wood product users the local capability to pre- or post-treat new wood, providing a responsible method of meeting regulatory requirements.

            According to WoodSave, its system has been approved in the state of Michigan to treat firewood. Also, it has been approved to heat treat pallets in accordance with ISPM-15, the international standard for wood packaging.

            The chamber size is 8’x 8’ tall x 48’ long. It typically will hold up to 400 GMA pallets per load. It uses a portable, electric generator to power the unit. The WoodSave system uses a touch screen control interface on the front of the trailer. A wireless application for remote control of the unit is currently in development.

            WoodSave offers units for purchase, lease or rental. For more information, call 616/735-1819 or visit www.woodsave.com.



A.I.T. Introduces TS Lumber Stacker

            The new TS lumber stacker from PMG is capable of stacking over 300 boards a minute. It stacks boards from 3/8” to 3-1/2” thick, 2” to 8” wide, and 24” to 72” long. It can stack with or without a pallet. It has programmable tie strip placement to include stripping each layer. With a small footprint, the TS has a programmable on/off control for upstream equipment.

            Stack heights are up to 60” with widths form 36” to 48” and lengths from 24” to 72”.

            Options include high speed versus a standard speed of 8 layers/minute, an automatic tie strip feeder, staggered layers, custom colors, operator platform, stacking pattern storage and recall, gravity side exit conveyor, powered side exit conveyor, powered straight through exit conveyor, a lift conveyor for infeeding pallets, stack light, and an audible alarm.

            Supplemental equipment includes an unscrambler, an automatic pallet feeder, a bander, and a transfer conveyor.

            For more information, call 540/644-9220.


AWMV Releases New Small Log Processing System

            AWMV’s new small log processing (SLP) sawmill systems were introduced in the 2010 Richmond EXPO. AWMV says that its new small log processing lines offer unprecedented flexibility and configuration possibilities to meet individual users’ requirements and needs. All SLP components are designed to use as many common parts as possible. Many of the components are modular, allowing the maximum flexibility for the future.

            AWMV offers a number of possible layouts of its SLP. It incorporates a mixture of log decks, single and twin vertical resaws, horizontal resaws, multi-head resaws, edgers, and chippers to match specific needs. These new small log sawmills are designed to process small logs, including typical pulp and scragg logs into pallet stock.

            AWMV indicates that its technology does not require massive construction or cast iron components. Narrow band technology allows it to save on manufacturing costs that are not directly related to the cutting process. While a level concrete floor is preferable, the small log processing mills can be installed on almost any firm surface.

            These new systems are designed to be modular and flexible. You can run off a generator, therefore operating away from conventional power sources. Sawmill owners can change their layouts quickly and easily to adapt to different product requirements and change geographical mill locations.

            A variety of log decks and materials handling equipment is available to fix specific needs.

            For more information, call AWMV at 800/522-5705


Baker Offers ReSawmill & Banding Notch Groover

            For the sawmill industry, Baker introduced a unique twist on its 18HB Baker band sawmill. Called the ReSawmill, it can easily be converted from sawmill to resaw and back again. You can make squares with the 18HD as a sawmill, and turn those squares into boards with the 18HD as a resaw. It comes with a 26-foot track and complete trailer package and hydraulic saw head movement.

            The ReSawmill is powered by a 20-hp Honda gasoline engine with electric start. It is designed to saw logs up to 30” diameter x 20’-6” long.

            Looking to develop more unique applications, Baker had on display a machine designed to cut a grove into banding strips used for packaging and other applications. Called the Banding Notch Groover, Baker has developed this machine that saws material into two banding strap strips, each measuring 2-1/4” wide, standard. It accepts boards measuring at least 24” long, up to 10” wide, and up to 1-3/4” thick. Three 14-inch-diameter circular blades and four dado cutters do the cutting.

             Call 800/548-6914 or visit www.logtolumber.com.


Brewer Makes Changes to Accommodate Varying Materials

            At the Richmond EXPO Brewer announced two changes that will make its gang saw systems more flexible to meet today’s material challenges. One adjusts to handle cants that are undersized for a typical setup. The other involves Brewer’s new Triple Select Cutoff Saw.

            It is difficult for pallet manufacturers to be particular when it comes to incoming cants because of the tight lumber market and many competitors for pallet cant material. As a consequence many pallet companies find themselves having to accept undersized material that does not fit typical cant machinery settings. Brewer now offers an option to adjust to undersized cants so you can cut both normal cant sizes and undersizes through the same saw setup. It allows the top rolls to adjust to maintain pressure and control over shorter material as it goes through the cant resawing system.

            The new Brewer Triple Select Cutoff Saw has three circular saws for crosscutting, one fixed and two moveable. In a single pass an operator can make three cuts, varying from 30” through 48”. The operator can program the Triple Select for two cutting sets, a long and a short. That way he can select the cutting pattern that maximizes the material to match incoming cant lengths. He can change the cutting pattern on the fly for maximum material utilization. It is possible to move the cutting pattern back and forth from one cut to another.

            For more information, call 800/345-6516. Web site www.brewerinc.com.

Cleereman Releases New Thin Kerf Band Mill Package

            Cleereman Industries announces the introduction of its new Thin Kerf Band Mill Package. This new bandmill system features a stationary Cleereman proportional carriage for log positioning, a specially designed track with a moving bandsaw cutting head that offbears lumber and cants onto a continuous belt, a pre-wired cab for easy setup, and a single hydraulic power unit for better efficiency.

            Fran Cleereman, president of Cleereman Industries, points out some of the advantages of the new mill, “By moving the cutting head, not the log and carriage, the horsepower of the drive unit can be greatly reduced to dramatically lower energy costs.” He goes on to say, “Since the log remains stationary, the track frame length is cut almost in half, reducing both the cost of the system and the amount of floor space required.”

            The bandsaw head is made exclusively for Cleereman by McDonough Mfr, and features 48” ductile wheels. It can be equipped with a variety of blades from an 8” wide double-cut, down to 2” wide, depending on customer preference. Fran said, “The wider bandsaws provide the highest performance in accuracy and production. They cut with less kerf than some narrow-band blades, and have the lowest blade cost per board foot. The double column frame cutting head with air strain and cartridge-type pressure guides is mounted at a 17o angle.”

            The rolling bandsaw travels on a specialty designed track frame that incorporates a waste conveyor, a lumber off bearing belt and the carriage drive. Other features of the track frame are adjustable legs, Cleereman track adjusters, removable waste panning, and a hydraulic cable tensioner. The track frame bolts to the carriage frame to establish all proper tolerances and elevation relationships, making installation very simple and  less time consuming than a traditional mill.

            Another unique feature of this mill is the cutting head that surrounds and moves over a full length offbearing belt, eliminating the excessive board drop distances or trailing catch tables common on some stationary carriage mills. The boards drop only a few inches, and full size cants can be transferred to the belt for further processing downstream. Sawdust is removed by a lower level waste conveyor that is built into the track frame. The headrig ties in to conventional material handling systems to separate slabs, flitches, boards and cants.

            The mill can be ordered with Cleereman set-shaft or linear positioning carriages, with turners and many other available options. It can be integrated with scanning systems.

            For more information, call 715/674-2700 or visit www.cleereman.com.

J&J Pallet Corp. Manufactures Specialty Products

            J&J Pallet Corp. manufactures three specialty products for the pallet and sawmill industries.

            Its Rack-O is a patent-pending heavy-duty segmented saw stop and gauge that allows you to make fast and accurate size changes. It works with chop, cut-off, and miter saws, as well as drilling machines and shears. Changing lengths is a matter of lifting the stop and moving it to the desired dimension.

            Its cargo crank for cranking straps hooks securely to the edge of any flatbed truck. Once a strap’s send is fed through the slot, it can be easily wound into a nice, tight coil for storage.

            Quickset Bollard yellow safety poles come in stock sizes of 36” and 42” floor mounted poles and 72” ground poles. They are designed to be used on loading docks, electrical equipment, doors, walkways, and traffic control.

            For more information, call 812/944-8670.


Pallet Machinery Group Develops New A.I.T. HY 245 High Speed Saw

            At the recent Richmond EXPO, Pallet Machinery Group displayed its new high speed A.I.T. HY 245 saw. Everybody knows that the pallet industry is facing one of the most severe shortages in material that it has ever seen. In the future, our industry may find itself having to substitute different lumber species and forms. If hardwood supplies become tight enough, our industry may find itself having to substitute more softwoods, but many hardwood pallet manufacturers have lumber remanufacturing lines that were developed to process hardwoods, such as gang saws for cutting cants.

            So, PMG developed its new HY 245 heavy duty high speed double arbor saw that can resaw dimension materials into pallet stock dimensions. At one time the Producto saw was popular in the western states for resawing softwoods. The HY 245 was developed to handle today’s high volume needs of the pallet industry and provide the flexibility to adjust to various lumber markets.

            The dual arbors allow for independent adjustable depth of cut. Three independent direct drive feed tires have a variable speed of up to 400 feet per minute. The HY 245 has powered vertical adjustment for ease of setup.

            The HY 245 has an optional remote operator station, optional infeed and takeaway conveyors, three 10” ducts for dust control, and easy open duct covers.

            For more information, call PMG at 540/644-9220.


Pendu’s New 3100i Block Cutter Machine

            With an eye toward cutting blocks for an anticipated growth in the block pallet market, Pendu has developed its new 3100i block cutter, an efficient, affordable way to produce blocks. The 3100i is designed to produce up to 2700 blocks an hour. The Pendu block cutter can be adjusted to cut 4” square up to 6” square, 4” up to 7-1/2” long blocks from 12” minimum length material.

            The 3100i features a 22” diameter saw blade with a 3 hp VDS motor for the indexing assembly and a 15 hp 1800 rpm TEFC arbor motor. Sawdust is discharged through a 6” outside diameter dust outlet.

            For more information, call Pendu at 800/233-0471.


Bandsaw Blades

Kasco SharpTech Introduces its Bandsaw Blades to the Pallet Industry

            Kasco SharpTech is an established company with over 100 years in bandsaw blades that is starting a renewed marketing thrust for the pallet industry with its wood cutting bandsaw blades. Kasco has been manufacturing premium bandsaw blades and has developed a reputation of being a leader in blades for cutting meat.

            It is making its move into blades for pallet stock, portable sawmills, and both horizontal and vertical resawing. Its high carbon steel blades are available directly from the factory to you.

            Kasco promotes its blades as providing accurate cuts and being balanced for cleaner, straighter cuts to withstand high feed rates. Its blades include state-of-the-art tooth hardening, precision ground teeth, and factory welds.

            Standard lengths are stocked in 1”, 1-1/4”, and 2” widths with a .042” thickness, and lengths varying from 13’2”up to 20’4”. For more details, call 800/325-8940. Web site www.kascosharptech.com.


Saw Service Announces New Four Point Program

            At the Richmond EXPO, Saw Service & Supply unveiled its new Four Point Program. Watch its Pallet Enterprise advertisement for additional developments.

            Saw Service’s four point program includes the following elements: 1) Next day air shipment of five blades for only $50 shipping charge instead of a higher overnight charge, 2) Saw Service’s new price match program that will match any competitive selling price, 3) Same day shipping that promises to ship your order the same day, and 4) Its hot show deals that included EXPO specials of a $8 10”x40Tx5/8 bore plain wrapper blade, a $19 12sd”x40Tx1” bore Timberline blade, and a $23 12”x60Tx1” bore Timberline blade.

            For more details about Saw Service’s new program contact them at 800/735-5604.


Wood-Mizer Expands Products to Include CBN Sharpeners

            Wood-Mizer, known for its portable sawmills and AMWV line of resaws, has decided to promote its ProSeries CBN Sharpener to assist its customers who want to sharpen and maintain their own blades.

            The heavy-duty ProSeries CBN Sharpener is industrial-grade without the electronic components (motor, controls, and pumps). Simply mount your own power supply or hydraulic power supply and let the belt driven grinding wheel maintain your blades. This powerless option offers the same performance as Wood-Mizer’s standard ProSeries CBN Sharpener.

            For more information, call 800/522-5760. Web site www.woodmizerblades.com.


Materials Handling

Hyster Revamps Lift Truck Line with H50CT and S50CT

            Hyster promotes its newest line as more than a modest facelift. One of the biggest new features is a lower price point. The primary difference in the two models is that the H50CT uses pneumatic tires and the S50CT uses cushion tires.

            According to Hyster, the S/H50CT is ideal for single shift or light second shift needs, this powertrain is optimized for 5,000 lb. medium-duty jobs. Lighter weight and more efficient engine means lower fuel costs – in a “loads moved per gallon of fuel” comparison, you’ll find a 12% fuel savings over the competitive average.

            The S/H50CT is ergonomically designed for operator comfort – from the low step height of 14 in. to the infinitely adjustable tilting steer column and non-cinching seatbelt, the operator compartment is designed for maximum comfort and safety helping your operators be more productive.

            For more information, call 800/HYSTER-1 or visit www.hysteramericas.com.


Grinding/Coloring/Wood Waste/ Biomass

Amerimulch Explains Changes in Colored Products

            At the Richmond EXPO Amerimulch explained the changes that colored mulch products are undergoing. Known for its colored wood mulch products, Amerimulch is concerned about the availability of wood fiber in tomorrow’s markets. With the interest in wood fiber fuels, things are changing today and they may change even further and faster down the road.

            To protect its markets, Amerimulch is coloring materials other than wood fiber to adjust and provide colored products for both today and the future. One of their modern products is colored recycled rubber. Among other things, colored rubber makes playground mulch that is attractive and provides good cushioning.

            For more information about Amerimulch’s versatile line of colorings and colored product options, call 888/556-3304.Web site www.amerimulch.com.


Cresswood Launches the EF-LR Destroyer Grinder

            In response to customer demand, Cresswood Shredding Machinery, Cortland, Ill. has expanded its line of EF (End Feed) Destroyer wood grinders. The new EF-LR Destroyer model is now equipped with a substantially larger ‘Destroyer’ rotor head. With the increase in rotor size, these heavy-duty machines offer enhanced throughput, and the versatility to handle bulkier wood scrap featuring greater circumference, and total material mass. This added processing capacity targets the real-world needs of lumber mills, and wood recovery operations. 

            Cresswood also has streamlined its HF (Hopper Feed) low-RPM Destroyer shredders to fit tight footprint areas. The HF-CS Destroyer features a smaller, more compact footprint to accommodate space constraints within customer facilities.

            In addition, the HF-CS model packs processing versatility for a range of materials into a cost-conscious and sustainable machine design. 

            For more information, call 800/962-7302 or visit www.cresswood.com.


Greenville Colorant’s Exhibits Versatile Line of Colorants

            Greenville Colorants, a relatively new name to colorants in the forest products industry, presented its complete line of colorants at the recent Richmond EXPO. Greenville Colorants is a leader in value-added processing and distributing of dyes and specially chemicals in the paper, landscape material, and other specialty industries in North America and Europe.

            Greenville Colorants offers over 2,000 dye products in both liquid and powder forms and maintains strict quality controls throughout the processing, packaging and delivery of finished products. It also custom-blends and matches colors to meet customer specifications.

            Greenville Colorants is committed to a green philosophy with environmentally friendly products. Its colorants are designed to turn ordinary mulch and ground wood fiber into long-lasting vibrant colored mulch. Its coloring products are environmentally safe water based products.

            Colored materials include colored mulch, sand and rock, concrete, hydro-seed, and floral. One of its specialties is coloring rocks, a new potential market that is mostly unknown to forest products companies. If wood fiber markets limit the material available for mulch at some time in the future, options such as colored rocks might help satisfy customer demand for mulch.

            Greenville’s specialty applications include colored textiles, arts and crafts, carpets, plastics, oil and gas, agriculture, inks, soaps and detergents, wood stains and treatments, chemical compounders, and, metals.

            Mulch colors include cypress; medium, bright and dark red; yellow, brown, walnut, and jet black.

            Greenville Colorants has a colorizing machine called the Green Machine that adapts to tub, horizontal, trammel screens and stationary mills. You can add colorizing capability to your existing mulch processing equipment. The Green Machine colors during product grinding with production speeds up to 325 cy/hr.

            For more information, call 201/595-0200. Web site www.greenvillecolorants.com.


Kiln Direct Firewood Kiln

            Kiln-Direct introduced its new firewood kiln last fall at the Sawlex Show, but most people saw it actually working for the first time in Richmond. With all the attention that has been placed on eliminating the spread of undesirable pests from one country to another, one state to another, and even one community to another, more attention is starting to be shifted toward heat treating firewood.

            Kiln-Direct’s new MiniQuick Kiln was engineered and designed specifically for drying and heat treating firewood. It allows small firewood operators to start drying firewood, add value and increase profits. Kiln-Direct emphasizes that multiple MiniQuick kilns are more economical that purchasing some larger units. The MiniQuick kiln has a 4-5 cord capacity.

            Kiln-Direct can fire its heat treating chamber with either gas or waste wood. The end-load firewood kilns come in three different sizes, 6, 10, and 24 cords. This unit is suited for larger operations that heat with gas.

            The side-loading model has a 10-12 cord capacity.

            Firewood manufacturing by its nature generates considerable quantities of scrap wood that is not suitable for most firewood sales. This scrap can be used to fuel Kiln-Direct’s firewood kilns. Loading conveyors can keep a kiln’s firebox stoked. Kiln-Direct demonstated its new wood waste feeding system which can be used for a pallet kiln, firewood kiln, or warehouse heating system.

            For more information, call 910/259-9794.


West Salem Machinery’s New 4888SSP Super Shredder

            West Salem Machinery, a well known manufacturer of grinding, shredding, and screening machines, is introducing its 4888SSP “Super Shredder”. The 4888SSP has a big 48”x88” diameter rotor assembly, 120 hammers with replaceable tips, and single or dual drive motors up to 1000 hp at 1200 rpm.

            The 4888SSP has high tip speed, increased screen area, and aggressive milling action for maximum performance. A pivoting front and rear case provides maximum maintenance access. It has extra thick replaceable interior wear liners, replaceable tip hammers, and easy access to screens and multiple screen options.

            For more information, call 800/722-3530. Web site www.westsalem.com.

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