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Wood-Mizer Dedicates New Showroom in Honor of Steve Clark
Wood-Mizer Dedicates New Showroom in Honor of Steve Clark

By Staff
Date Posted: 9/1/2010

            Wood-Mizer Products, Inc., the world’s largest portable sawmill manufacturer, dedicated the Steve Clark Showroom on August 12, 2010.

            Wood-Mizer Employee Mike Hanlon unveils the Steve Clark Showroom Dedication plaque.

            Steve served as President for Wood-Mizer products for six years until 2009 when he took a leave of absence for illness, although he had been with the company since 1986. He passed away January 17, 2010.

            Wood-Mizer, an employee owned company, dedicated its new, 17,000 square foot, fully-interactional showroom in his memory during a private ceremony which was attended by employees and the family of Steve.

            Wood-Mizer is the first sawmill manufacturer to dedicate a complete building to working equipment. The showroom features live demonstrations of several of the company’s portable sawmills, stationary industrial sawmills, material handling equipment, multihead resaws, and the new small Log processing system.

            “A lot of hard work went into this showroom, and it only seemed fitting that we dedicate it to Steve, whose hard work and dedication are greatly missed within our family,” said Wood-Mizer CEO Jeff Laskowski. “Steve began his career in this building which used to house our Wood-Products division. By naming it in his honor, we’re keeping his passion for craftsmanship and quality equipment alive.”

            The Steve Clark Showroom is open to the public and will be used to host open houses, and other company-sponsored events. To make an appointment to visit, call 800.553.0182, or simply stop by.

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