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Supply Chain Management Education Available
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By Staff
Date Posted: 10/1/2010

            The Virginia Cooperative Extension is presenting a workshop by Virginia Tech and Virginia State on supply chain management. Supply Chain Management (SCM) is critical to ensure that manufacturing companies delivery their products at the right time and location.

            A supply chain of operations can be divided into three sections: suppliers, internal operations, and distribution. The supplier section oversees all activities related to the procurement of raw materials with special emphasis on supplier development, supplier relationships, and supplier reliability. Internal operations focus on the transformation of raw materials into added-value products, including such things as inventory stocking and materials handling. Supplier reliability concentrates on the distribution of goods to a company’s customers.

            The workshop will focus on the basic concepts of SCM. Attendees will have an opportunity to learn about third part logistic partners, SCM technologies, and global transportation issues related to the supply chain. Participants will know what best practices can be used to better manage supply chains through lean thinking.

            This Supply Chain Management workshop will be held in Danville, Virginia on November 12 at the Institute for Advanced Learning and Research. An action packed day from 9 am to 2 pm presents a valuable opportunity for the nominal registration fee of $35 that covers coffee breaks, lunch, and workshop materials. For more information, call Henry Quesada at 540/231-0978.

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