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Trace Equipment Introduces Low Profile Resaw
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By Staff
Date Posted: 10/1/2010

            Trace Equipment, noted for its varied line of pallet and lumber manufacturing machinery, is continuing its rapid expansion of machinery for 2010. Its newest machinery development is its Low Profile Band Resaw.

            Trace’s Low Profile Band Resaw is filling a recent void in the market place. Its tabletop height low profile design is well known. The Trace Low Profile Resaw is available with or without a return. It runs with a 20 hp motor and has a 1 hp drive motor.

            The Trace Low Profile Resaw can cut cants up to 8” wide and any length. Its versatility includes running with either gas, diesel, or electric power.

            For more information, call Trace Equipment at 877/778-7223 or 866/615-5381. See more about the Trace line of machinery on the web at www.traceequipment.com.

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