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Pendu Redesigns 3100i Block Cutter
Pendu Redesigns 3100i Block Cutter

By Staff
Date Posted: 12/1/2010

With the apparent increase on the horizon for block pallet capacity in North America, Pendu has redesigned its 3100i Block Cutter as an efficient, affordable way to produce blocks.

The 3100i is designed to produce up to 2700 blocks per hour. The Pendu Block Cutter can be adjusted to cut blocks that are from 3-1/2 square up to 6 square, 3-1/2 long up to 7-1/2 long, using 12 minimum length material.

The 3100i features a 22 diameter saw blade with a 3 hp VFD motor for the indexing assembly and a 15 hp 1800 rpm TEFC arbor motor. The 3100i discharges sawdust through a 6 outside diameter dust outlet.

For more details, call 800/233-0471.

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