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Brewco B-800 Dust Free Resaw System
Brewco B-800 Dust Free Resaw System

By Staff
Date Posted: 5/1/2011

            Brewco developed its B-800 dust free resaw system a few years ago. Its recent improvements make the Brewco B-800 better than ever. The resaw manufacturer promotes its B-800 as the fastest cutting resaw you will ever encounter. The improved saw is built on the same platform as Brewco’s high production grade resaw, the B-1600. This is designed to give super-fast cutting speeds with low cut-per-thousand blade costs.

            Brewco indicates its 2” wide band is the widest band available without an expensive filing room and that it costs less to run than the smaller 1” and 1-1/4” blades. Feed speeds in excess of 120 ft./minute are obtained. Brewco promotes its B-800 as a better alternative to a gang saw. The company says, “We will put our new design up against any gangsaw for performance, quality, and throughput. See how we have helped our customers get what they ultimately desire – profit.”

             Brewco states that one of the B-800’s most important features is its dustfree patented floating guide system which removes dust from the boards. It features how well this system works on a video on the Brewco web site www.brewcoinc.com.

            The B-800 can process cants up to 12” high and 9” wide. It can resaw boards from ½” to 8” thick at feed speeds from 0 to 150 fpm. The drive system is all hydraulic with powered infeed and outfeed holddowns on each head. The system uses from one to six heads to resaw boards on 40” diameter saw wheels.

            Options include: a storage deck with vertical sharp chain feed slide and return system, extra cant height using powered hold-over rolls, and patented floating guides for dedusting. For more information visit www.brewcoinc.com or call 800/237-6880.

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