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PMG Introduces New TS 300 Board Stacker
PMG Introduces New TS 300 Board Stacker

By Staff
Date Posted: 5/1/2011

The Pallet Machinery Group is proud to announce the development of its new TS 300 board stacker. This stacker is manufactured by Automated Industrial Technologies, the same people who make the M2L stacker. PMG has sold over 120 M2L stackers.

The TS 300 was designed for super high board production like that of a wide bay gang saw. The TS 300 will stack up to 25 layers per minute or up to 18,000 3.5 wide boards per hour. Some unique features include adjustable pickup lugs on the unscrambler, auto tie strip feeders, auto pallet feeder, and 24-72 board length capabilities.

For more information, call Pallet Machinery Group at 540/644-9220 or visit www.palletmachinery.com.

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