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Hyster H50FT Lift Truck for Sawmills and Pallet Plants
Hyster H50FT Lift Truck for Sawmills and Pallet Plants

By Staff
Date Posted: 5/1/2011

            The Hyster H50FT Fortis® lift truck series was designed for indoor and outdoor use and is ideally suited for a wide variety of hard-working applications

including heavy manufacturing, sawmills, pallet plants, and plywood mills. The Hyster Fortis series is an industry leader in productivity through performance, ergonomics, service time and dependability.

            The Hyster H50FT Fortis truck incorporates proven design processes and systems to ensure the toughest, most durable design. Three truck packages are available with multiple powertrain configurations to specifically meet your application requirements while providing improved efficiency, enhanced reliability and superior serviceability to reduce operation costs.

            The Pacesetter VSMTM manages all vehicle systems to optimize performance and significantly increase overall reliability and enhance diagnostic capabilities for maximum uptime. The Auto Deceleration System (available on the Fortis Advance and Fortis Advance+ packages) extends the brake life by up to 60% by automatically slowing the truck when the accelerator pedal is released. The CANbus electrical system reduces and simplifies wiring for enhanced reliability and affords single point diagnostic capabilities.

            A rear-opening one-piece hood that opens up 85 degrees and an easy-to-remove one-piece floor plate provide the industry’s best cowl-to-counterweight service access. The advanced ergonomic features of the Hyster H50FT lift truck significantly reduces operator fatigue and increases productivity through superior operator comfort, precise and effortless handling, and easy entry and exit. Superior airflow and choice of heavy-duty cooling systems keep heat in check while providing world-class dependability in even the harshest of environments.

            For more information, visit www.hysteramericas.com.

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