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Pallet Inferno Kills Emerald Ash Borer and Other Forest Pests
Pallet Inferno Kills Emerald Ash Borer and Other Forest Pests

By Staff
Date Posted: 6/1/2011

The Pallet Inferno was developed to heat treat pallets for export and to prevent the further spread of the Emerald Ash Borer, Long Horn Beetle, and other forest insect pests. The Pallet Inferno is certified for ISPM 15 heat treating standards, the internationally recognized heat treating standard for wood based materials. The Pallet Inferno is distributed by Project Service Inc. (PSI) which was formed in 1985 and is a privately owned, multi-division company in Iron Mountain, Michigan.

The Pallet Inferno is designed to be run as a one-man operation. Its patent pending flow through design is set up for continuous production or batch heat treatments and reduces extra handling. With a flow through design, pallets are run through the Pallet Inferno as you build them. There is no inventory build-up or wasted time loading and unloading a hot box. As you make a stack of pallets, they are brought to the in-feed conveyor where the Pallet Inferno does the rest. As a stack exits off the conveyor, you can take it straight to your truck. If you can make it today, you can ship it treated today.

Clean electric generated heat is fast, effective, leaves no chemical residues and operates without open or direct flame. The Pallet Inferno has a fast warm-up time and a promoted average energy cost of less that $15 per hour. PSI indicates its new Pallet Inferno with its 30 oven chamber can easily heat treat 125 pallets per hour or approximately 1000 GMA size pallets per day.

Time and temperature are monitored by logger devices that travel with the pallets throughout the cycle. A paper generated report is available as a permanent record that insures that the correct core temperature is attained and any potential pests are dead.

Tom and Troy Wiedemeier, a father and son team, are inventors and holders of the patent pending flow through designed Pallet Inferno. Being sawmill people, they built their industrial grade machine to run 24/7, be easy to run, and be dependable.

For more information about the Pallet Inferno, call 800/409-6225 or visit www.palletheattreater.com.

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