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All New Multitek 2020 SS Firewood Processor
All New Multitek 2020 SS Firewood Processor

By Staff
Date Posted: 6/1/2011

The all new Multitek 2020 SS Firewood Processor features the Multitek exclusive guillotine cutting system originally designed on the revolutionary 1620 SS Model. This machine features a smooth 48 carbide tip insert tooth circular saw that goes straight up and straight down, eliminating any side to side shifting of the machine.

This machine is designed to process logs up to 20 in diameter and in excess of 20 in length. The machine is available with a heated and air conditioned operators cabin. The bar and chain option is also available on this machine.

For more information, contact Multitek at 800/243-5438, or visit www.multitekinc.com.

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