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Millwood Hires Former Unit Load Center Director
Millwood Hires Former Unit Load Center Director

By Staff
Date Posted: 11/1/2011

            Millwood Inc. (www.millwoodinc.com), which specializes in transport packaging solutions, recently hired Ralph Rupert, the former director of the Virginia Tech Center for Unit Load Design (Center). Rupert joins Millwood as its manager of unit load technology as the Center undergoes leadership transition. As a nationally recognized expert in both

corrugated materials and unit load design, Rupert will work with local, regional and national sales representatives to develop systems-based unit load designs. He will focus on helping customers reduce their packaging waste while maximizing their sustainability initiatives.

            Rupert will also work with Liberty Technologies’ engineering group on the design of automated materials handling and packaging systems and lead Millwood’s initiative to establish a certified unit load test lab at the corporate technology center to run tests under ASTM and ISTA guidelines. Liberty Technologies, a Millwood Company, offers unit load solutions especially stretch/shrink wrap film and equipment, strapping machinery and case packaging and palletizing systems.

            “If we’re going to provide the most sustainable and economical unit load solutions to our customers, we need to test a design up front and verify its success after the fact,” said Rupert. “A test lab will allow us to tie all of the components of a unit load together into a systems-based approach.”

            Millwood currently offers through its various divisions pallets, packaging materials, materials handling machinery systems, logistics services, and lumber. Millwood sees Rupert as a key piece in its effort to put more science, engineering and testing behind the packaging redesigns offered customers.

            Known for the tagline, “Reinventing Unit Load Technology,” Millwood seems to be reinventing itself a bit by launching packaging lab and testing capabilities. Millwood expects its new unit load test lab to be operational by the third quarter of 2012.

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