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Cresswood Launches “Destroyer Max” Drive System
Cresswood Launches “Destroyer Max” Drive System

By Staff
Date Posted: 11/1/2011

            Cresswood Shredding Machinery in Cortland, Ill., is introducing its new “Destroyer-Max” Drive System for its Destroyer line of single-shaft, low-rpm grinders. “Wood pallet manufacturing and recycling operations are increasingly challenged to produce the greatest volume of output at the lowest cost of operation,” suggested Jack Cress, CEO of Cresswood. He added, “that’s what we’ve designed the Destroyer-Max to deliver – it’s a major leap forward

for us.”

            Citing data gathered from a controlled testing environment, the company claims an increase in throughput up to 42% utilizing the same horsepower when processing mixed wood scrap

and pallet components. Describing the system, Mark Anderson, v.p. of engineering, said, “Basically, the Destroyer-Max is a proven full-time digital vector drive for your main motor which enables energy-efficient performance under load, and quicker, smoother transitions – forward and


            The Destroyer-Max Drive is integrated into the central control panel for the grinder, providing a user-friendly interface for operators, according to Cresswood. It also functions with the proprietary gearbox and mount design, offering a fully-mature, robust, and durable technology that is a ready-to-ship innovation, the company states. The company has been researching this new development over the past couple of years.

            The new Destroyer-Max Drive System is available as an option on Cresswood’s new grinders or as a retrofit on existing grinders in the field.

            For more information, contact Cresswood at 800/962-7302, or visit its website at www.cresswood.com.

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