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Wood-Mizer Offers New IS203 Industrial Blade Sharpener
Wood-Mizer Offers New IS203 Industrial Blade Sharpener

By Staff
Date Posted: 3/1/2012

                Wood-Mizer Products Inc. has released the new IS203 Industrial Sharpener. This new device is efficient for thin-kerf blade sharpening in production environments.

                The IS203 can sharpen from 1” to 3” wide band blades. Adjustable arms and a blade support kit make it easy to accommodate various blade lengths. The Control Station has a user-friendly interface, and allows the operator to set up the blade to be sharpened and then set to “Run” mode. The tooth counter stops the sharpener when the blade is finished sharpening. Variable grinding speeds can be set. The front view window and interior LED lighting allows the operator to check in on the sharpening progress.

                Quality and efficient grinding is insured with the 1 HP motor used to power the 8” CBN grinding wheel that turns at 4280 rpm. Oil management is simplified with a 2.5 gallon oil reservoir, an oil pump, and a magnet filter tray to keep oil clean. An inboard carbide scraper deburrs the blade teeth after sharpening.

                Wood-Mizer is the only sawmill maker that also manufactures its own blades. The IS203 Industrial Blade Sharpener retails for $6,250. To see additional information, visit www.woodmizer.com. To speak to a Wood-Mizer blades sales consultant, call 800/553-0182.

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