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Universal Machinery Sales Representing Morgan Saw
Universal Machinery Sales Representing Morgan Saw

By Staff
Date Posted: 6/1/2012

Mona Tracy of Universal Machinery Sales is happy to be able to tell her friends in the pallet and sawmill industries that she is selling the Morgan Saws that have been well known for many years.

For over 20 years, Gary Morgan and Morgan Saw Company designed and built dependable, economical and easy to operate sawing machinery for the pallet and sawmill industries. Gary designed and built the original low profile single-head band resaw. Later he introduced his multi-head resaws. He is again offering his original single-head and multi-head resaws as well as parts and service for the older Morgan resaws in use today.

Gary wants to thank all of his loyal customers who have used his machinery throughout the years and supported his industry efforts.

Call the Multi-Head Resaws LLC team today to discuss your resawing needs. Mona Tracy is handling sales through Universal Machinery Sales at 855/298-8890 (monatracy.universal@gmail.com). You may talk to Gary about your sawing needs and how he can assist you by calling 318/847-4405 or cell 318/469-5077.

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