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A Revolution in the Processing of Logs into Lumber: Utilizing only one operator, this robust “single pass” sawmill solution can process small logs.
After selling sawmills worldwide for decades, HewSaw Machines Inc. enters the pallet industry with the HewSaw R200. This single operator sawmill solution incorporates four chipping heads, a gang saw and edging system in a single machine that processes small logs at high speeds.

By Bruce Delicaet
Date Posted: 8/1/2012

                HewSaw Machines Inc. has been selling small log, single pass sawmills worldwide since the early 1980s. With more than 400 machines delivered in almost 30 countries, HewSaw is now bringing its vast experience to the pallet industry.

                The HewSaw R200 can turn low value small logs into high quality pallet stock in just one pass and at lower costs and higher volumes than traditional mills.

                Unlike traditional sawmills where logs are turned into cants and lumber by means of twin scraggs, carriages or end dogging machines, requiring a number of machine centers and personnel for each, the HewSaw R200 incorporates four chipping heads, a gang saw and edging system in a single machine. There is no need for downstream resaws, edgers or chippers as the R200 does it all – with only one operator. This self-contained sawmill was designed with safety in mind by containing sound, debris and dust within the machine – logs in one end and lumber out the other with bi-products well contained for easy conveyance to holding bins.


High Output

                Capable of handling logs in lengths from 84 inches to 20 feet, the HewSaw R200 can be designed to run at speeds from 250 fpm (less dense hardwoods) to 450 fpm (SYP, SPF, Aspen) and is capable of processing 10 to 25 logs per minute – using only one operator. Depending on the species processed, and the feeding and downstream handling capability of the mill, this single operator R200 can produce from 50,000 fbm to as much as 150,000 fbm per shift of cants and boards.


Optimized for Maximum Recovery and Minimum Human Error

                As logs are processed by the HewSaw, a computerized scanner and optimization software determine an optimal solution for each. With an industry leading interface (between user and system), plant personnel are able to input finished goods dimensions, wane allowances, product values and recovery sought. Armed with these parameters, the optimizer then takes control of the machine and will shift all of its components on the fly – ensuring an optimized result for each and every log – eliminating the impact of operator error.


High Recovery Through Curve Sawing/Accurate Sawing

                Most traditional sawmill systems require incoming logs to be bucked into shorter lengths to eliminate the effects of curvature and to maximize recovery. The HewSaw is capable of “curve sawing” along the natural curvature of the log, enabling the processing of longer length logs and resulting in longer length lumber and cants being produced. The longer length output of the R200 will allow the cut-stock plant to match lumber profile with pallet stock length to ensure waste is kept to a minimum. With saw faces on the chipper heads and in the edging tool bodies, the R200 produces cants and boards of superior sawn quality and a size variance guarantee in the range of 0.020". This level of sawing accuracy reduces waste while ensuring maximum yield from logs to cut stock.


Output Profiles

                The dimension of finished products is infinitely variable, depending upon user inputs. Using the latest in hydraulic positioning, the R200 can produce single or double cants with or without top and bottom boards with a high degree of sawing accuracy. Depending upon log diameter and form of the incoming log, the output solution might be two pieces of 3-1/2" x 7" cants and two pieces of

1-1/4" x 3-1/2" boards in one pass.

Or perhaps the log size and form only justify a single 5.5" x 5.5" cant solution. The R200 seeks to achieve maximum recovery out of each and every log and user feedback indicates that a recovery of under two cords/Mfbm is achievable. The R200’s optimizer will make these decisions without the need for human interaction on each and every log. High quality chips are a by-product of the process and chip geometry can be controlled to ensure this revenue stream is maximized – depending upon local pulp and paper requirements.


Success You can Bank On

                For pallet producers purchasing lumber from outside sources, the HewSaw R200 could prove to be a viable option for producing your own pallet stock from lower cost logs found in your

backyard. For lumber producers using traditional sawmill equipment, a HewSaw R200 could revolutionize your business, allowing you to achieve a competitive advantage through lower unit costs, higher recovery and industry leading lumber quality, all with a quick payback.

                With over 400 installations in almost 30 countries worldwide sawing every imaginable species, HewSaw is a name you can bank upon. If you are a producer of pallets, cut stock or lumber and wish to increase recovery, output or profitability, the professionals at HewSaw can show you how you can capitalize on your sawmilling expertise to increase your margins and profitability.

                For more information on HewSaw, visit www.hewsaw.com.

                About the author: Bruce Delicaet is a former sawmill owner and manager. He currently operates his own business, Brudel Corporation, which provides technical sales and service to the sawmill industry. He can be reached at 604-557-6975 or through email at brudel@nb.sympatico.ca.

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