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New on the Market for December Pallet Enterprise
New on the Market for December Pallet Enterprise

By Staff Writer
Date Posted: 12/1/2000

GBN Improves Nail Chuck on Its Systems
GBN Machine and Engineering Co. has developed a new nail chuck for all of its pallet nailing systems. The new nail chuck, of a stronger, more rigid design, improves nailing performance and reduces maintenance.

The new chuck will accept nail lengths of 1 1/4 inches to 3 inches, nail head sizes from .225 to .375, and nail shank diameters from .093 to .187.

GBN redesigned the interior of the chuck to completely encapsulate up to a 3-inch nail, including the head. In addition, the new chuck has been machined to hold the head of the nail as it is being driven until it is only 1/2-inch above the nailing surface. (The old style chuck held the head of the nail until it was 1 inch above the nailing surface.) Combined with a new jaw designed to hold the nail more securely, the improved chuck provides increased nail control and virtually eliminates nail bending.

The chuck tube where the nail hose is inserted into the chuck has been machined into the chuck; the result is a stronger, one-piece design.

The compensating chuck, slide mount, has been attached to the chuck via a female groove machined into the chuck and male groove machined onto the slide. This provides a much longer contact point between the chuck and the slide and results in a stronger, more rigid mount with much less end play and no maintenance. (The previous design featured two 1/4-inch split pins to hold the slide into the chuck; the pins must be replaced when worn.)

The new chucks and jaws are manufactured from 4140 steel and are through hardened to RC 58-62 to provide extra long life.

Fore more information, contact GBN at (800) 446-9871, fax (804) 448-2684, or e-mail at gbnmach@bealenet.com.

Dings Offers New Magnetic Separator
The Dings Company has introduced its newest overhead magnetic separator. It was developed for the mobile crusher market and other applications where power supply is an issue.

The super-strength hybrid magnet uses a patented combination of ceramics and rare earth permanent magnets to create a separator with the magnet strength profile of an electromagnet without the need for power supply and rectifier. The new design offers equipment manufacturers and end users increased magnetic separation ability that previously could not be achieved due to lack of power supply, according to Dings.

For more information, contact Dings at (414) 672-7830, fax (414) 672-5354, or Web site at www.dingsco.com.

Multi-Head Leads Wood-Mizer Back Into Pallet Market
Wood-Mizer Products has returned to the pallet machinery market. The company, known for its portable band sawmills, has reintroduced its line of horizontal resaws, which it discontinued manufacturing in 1995.

Wood-Mizer also indicated that it will begin manufacturing other machinery for the industrial woodworking and wood processing markets.

Wood-Mizer also has made a number of improvements to its Multi-Head resaw, including a higher horsepower power supply.

The Wood-Mizer Multi-Head is available in one-head to six-head systems. The saws feature extra-large 34-inch drive wheels, a steel feed-track, and 25 hp motors on each head. Wood-Mizer offers an optional merry-go-round to return uncut portions of cants for further resawing. The Multi-Head cutting capacity is 12 inches wide and 7 inches high by 8 feet long with narrower and taller material also accommodated.

"Sawing grade lumber on a Multi-Head by feeding cants butt-to-butt can really increase productivity," said Wood-Mizer blades sales manager Randy Panko. "A Multi-Head can also resaw your heartwood cants into pallet cut-stock and provide a market for your low-grade material." The saw also is effective in softwood, he added.

Wood-Mizer decided to reintroduce the Multi-Head because of customer demand. "We just had so many people wanting our Multi-Heads that we decided to gear up production and fill their orders," said Randy. "Surprisingly, its not just previous Multi-Head owners who were asking for them. Pallet operations whod heard about their reputation for quality and performance were calling, too."

Wood-Mizer plans next year to begin introducing additional machinery products for the industrial woodworking and wood processing markets.

For more information, contact Wood-Mizer at (800) 553-0182.

Morbark Improves Flail Chiparvestor
Morbark has made a series of improvements to its 2348 and 2755 Flail Chiparvestor lines. More than a dozen enhancements are designed to increase production and chip quality while holding down operating costs.

Morbark increased the flail drum rpm to achieve a cleaner end product with lower bark content even in hard-to-debark species and difficult weather conditions. An angled plate directs the flow of material into the infeed spout, resulting in more uniform chip quality and a higher percentage of acceptable chips.

Other modifications to improve the material flow from the flail to the chipper also contribute to increased production and higher chip quality. A new auguer system removes debris for further processing, and Morbark redesigned the operator cab.

For more information, contact Morbark at (517) 866-2381, fax (517) 866-2280, or Web site at www.morbark.com.

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