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By Staff
Date Posted: 9/1/2012

“If you look after the details and the little things, yes, you’re going to have to spend and buy some new equipment sometime. But you make that equipment last and get your money’s worth out of it and keep control of your operation. So just basically if you take care of the small things the big things will take care of themselves.”

– Sammy McCorkle, General manager of The Timbermen Inc., page 65


“It remains to be seen how much longer the hardwood lumber industry will be able to supply pallet cants at current low prices for grade lumber. Most sawmills are only making enough income to cover variable costs, meaning there is little money for capital improvements.

— Bill Luppold, Forest Service economist, page 36


“The significant volume order mitigates risk for large-scale adoption by retailers and manufacturers and positions the platform as a viable alternative to current poolers and pallet management companies.”

– Richard Macdonald, president and CEO of Axios Mobile Assets Corp, page 39


“Supporting 9BLOC is the right thing to do for our industry. I know there have been skeptics out there. But if anything is ever going to take off and create value for the industry, 9BLOC is it. Once it gets going, it will take off faster than people expect.”

– Mark Hoffman, president and owner of Larson Pallet & Crating, page 28


“Would you prefer that forest biomass and its carbon molecules heat your home or local business, or heat the atmosphere out in the woods? Ultimately, it’s one or the other. No forest lives forever. It’s continually dying, being reborn, growing, aging and dying again. Those who think they are “defending” the forest seem to be instinctively against human management and utilization of natural resources, despite the fact that forests in most areas of the world that have been responsibly managed for the last fifty years are larger and healthier now than they’ve been in centuries. They imagine that we’ll all be better off if we just leave the forest alone and use other resources they deem to be more environmentally-friendly.”

– Dr. Chuck Ray of Penn State University, page 40

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