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PRS Introduces A New Double End-Trim Saw
New on the Market

By Staff
Date Posted: 9/1/2012

Pallet Repair Systems (PRS) is proud to introduce its new double end-trim saw, recently developed for one of its customers in the pallet industry. This trim saw features two 7.5 hp direct arbor saw motors that utilize 16" diameter blades and a two stand feed chain that is powered by a 1 hp motor and gear reducer. This machine double end-trims pallet lumber, both decking and stringers, to finished lengths of 28" to 60".

Standard features include a hopper feed system, quick adjust length changeover and a variable speed feed. Optional equipment includes scrap conveyors (shown) that are custom fit to each application.

For more information, call PRS at (866) 546-8864 or (217) 291-0009 or check their website for the addition of this new product at www.pallet-repair.com.

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