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A Smart Packaging System from KRONUS
KRONUS, a manufacturer and distributors of pallets collars, has experienced strong European demand and strives to be a major supplier to North American markets, which it is helping to build.

By Staff
Date Posted: 10/1/2012

                Imagine that there is a packaging system that allows your customers to save literally dozens of times on shipping products by reusing it over and over –  a system which allows you to store even more commodity or products while spending less time unloading. There is such a system offered by a Latvian company – KRONUS.

                KRONUS has been operating in European and Russian markets for more than ten years from its headquarters in Riga (Latvia). KRONUS is one of the few companies specializing in producing pallet collars, a specialized type of cargo packaging. This solution is becoming increasingly popular, and there are many reasons for that. Pallet collars have been often used in European markets for many years, but they are relatively new to most shippers in North America.

                The pallet collar is a “smart” packaging system that allows considerable savings on shipping and storing products. It is compact, does not take up much space, and speeds up the process of loading and unloading products. Pallet collars are collapsible into flat pieces for efficient return shipping. They can be combined with pallets of various sizes as well as with dividers, covers and other necessary fittings. When combined with a pallet, collars convert the pallet into a box making it a complete returnable container.

                Pallet collars easily replace boxes and other types of single-use packaging. They are successfully used by logistics companies for storage, packaging and transportation of many diverse products, such as metallic and furniture fittings, large-size and small parts for vehicles, as well as plants, vegetables, fruits and flower beds.

                Significantly, pallet collars, just like pallets, are a reusable type of packaging. Collars have insignificant depreciation when reused and have a long, repair-free service life. They  can be manufactured by using combinations of various materials. This allows a manufacturer to make pallet collars of various strengths and customize them to needed sizes including various lengths, widths and heights. Panel and fastener selections allow manufacturers to control costs.

                For a customer’s convenience, handy apertures for manual gripping can be made in the wooden part of a collar. A logo of any type, complexity or color combination can be put on it. One convenient aspect is that pallet collars allow to make the necessary height of the box for storing and shipping products. They also save time and the labor involved in unloading. Reaching products at the bottom of a pallet collar box does not require much effort, and you have easy access to products by simply removing a pallet collar as unloading progresses.

                Pallet collars save money, labor, storage area and logistical backhauling. They are compact and easy to prepare for storage. You can store 108 pallet collars on a pallet. The area they take when stored or shipped does not exceed 88 sq.ft. This many collars can be used to ship and store 710 cu. ft. of products. Pallet collars help reduce the cost of delivery of the packaging to a customer because one 44.3 foot truck can accommodate 2,600 standard sized pallet collars. This is approximately six times less expensive than delivery of ready-made boxes.

                You and your customers can enjoy the convenience and reliability provided by pallet collars today! KRONUS guarantees timely deliveries, quality products and competitive prices.

                For more information, please contact our manager Edmunds Kurzemnieks. +371 22 300 700, Email: edmunds.kurzemnieks@kronus.eu, or visit www.kronus.eu.

                The preceding was a paid advertorial.

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