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True Wheel LLC Develops Tool for Crowning Bandsaw Wheels
New on the Market

By Staff
Date Posted: 10/1/2012

Every pallet and resawing company that runs thin-kerf bandsaws is aware of the maintenance that often goes into maintaining the integrity of bandsaw wheels and bandsaw blades. Every bandsaw operator knows that one of his biggest challenges is maintaining bandsaw blades. A blade may often hang-up or wrap around the wheel, scarring the blade. Wheel problems can result in minimal blade life and increased blade breakage.

Two entrepreneurs, Lester Ashley, the owner and operator of Elora Pallet Company, and A.J. Williams, the owner/operator/machinist of T&W Machine, collaborated on the ingenuity and design of the new True Wheel. This new tool is designed to crown pallet resaws for cutting pallet boards above and below the belt wheels. The True Wheel will crown linebar resaws and portable band saws.

True Wheel Sales LLC was created to launch the new hand tool that can cause a significant change in a bandsaw operation. It was born from the idea of truing bandsaw wheels on the machine. It is designed to change a bandsaw that used three or four blades a day into one that uses just one blade a day. The machine weighs approximately 20 lbs. The tool can be clamped onto your machine and in as little as 15 minutes it can smooth and crown the two wheels on a single-head horizontal resaw. This manual machine runs on 110 volts.

True Wheel Sales LLC, a new company, indicates that its new True Wheel tool has the potential to save most bandsaw operations in the range of $10,000 to $20,000 a year in bandsaw blade usage.

For more information, call True Wheel LLC at 931/810-1014 or 931/469-5558. More pictures and information are available at www.truewheelllc.com.

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