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Profile Technology Offers New Strob Saw Blade Program
Profile Technology Offers New Strob Saw Blade Program

By Staff
Date Posted: 11/1/2012

Profile Technology, Inc., is pleased to announce the addition of carbide tipped strob saw blades to its wide variety of custom engineered tooling for the wooden pallet industry.

John Lieber, president of Profile Technology, said, A number of our customers have asked us to produce Strob Saw Blades because of the problems they have had over the years with their blades. Our new Strob Saw Blades are built with the same high quality standards as our other saw blades, cutter heads and indexable inserts, and at competitive prices.

Profile Technology has specialized in customized tooling, indexable tooling and nail cutting blades. Strob Saw Blades have been accepted for many years as a superior circular saw blade for ripping green lumber on gang saws.

For more information on Strob Saw Blades, crosscut and trim saw blades, indexable cutter heads with standard wood grade or Nailbuster grade carbide or custom engineered cutter heads, contact David Lieber or John Lieber at 800/369-4242 or 314/965-9111. Email them at info@profiletech.com.

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