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By Staff
Date Posted: 12/1/2012

“I put sustainability in the same category as radio frequency identification (RFID). There was a time where we were going to put RFID on everything including a can of Coke and track it through the supply chain. There was a lot of hype about that.

                “If you listen to people talk about RFID today, you would think that RFID died, that nobody is interested in it, and that it was an abject failure. But the reality is that RFID in industrial applications is growing at a double digit rate, nearing 20% per year. RFID is just being used differently than people imagined; it is becoming routine, and people are not talking about it as much.

                “I think something similar happened with sustainability. It got a big marketing boost – a lot of talk, a lot of hype. Then you went through a recession where saving money was the highest priority over environmental stewardship.”

– Bob Trebilcock, executive editor of Modern Materials Handling magazine, page 20


“The UK is an island, and we believe a significant proportion of the movement of timber pallets and packaging manufactured here remains in the country. We therefore believe a dispensation is justified, and we will be lobbying hard to have this recognized when ISPM-15 regulations are reviewed.”

– John Dye, president of TIMCON, page 34


“OSHA will say bump firing is more dangerous. But the guys in the plants will just tell you that’s just OSHA being OSHA. The faster you go, the higher the likelihood of something going wrong. At the end of the day, the guys who are causing problems are the ones who aren’t paying attention. There is nothing inherently wrong with bump firing if you are smart and safe about how you handle a tool.”

– George Skarich, executive vice president of sales for Mid Continent Nail Corp., page 30


“The use of wooden materials in combination with a proper end-of-life technology which re-uses wood waste (mainly to produce particle boards), helps remove large amounts of CO2 from the atmosphere for a very long time.”

Professor John Dotelli, a principle researcher of a recent European pallet study, page 44


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