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Jeff McBee to Speak at WPA Meeting in January 2013
Jeff McBee to Speak at WPA Meeting in January 2013

By Staff
Date Posted: 12/1/2012

                The staff at Industrial Reporting, Inc. (IRI) has been active at Western Pallet Association meetings since 1977. IRI has been an association member since our 1977 introduction. So, we were happy when the WPA leadership suggested that Jeff McBee, who works with our Pallet Profile Weekly market report, represent us at its annual WPA meeting on January 18-22 in Rancho Mirage, California.

                McBee is certainly one of the most knowledgeable people in the industry when it comes to the overall pallet industry, particularly the western pallet industry and its markets. He is very qualified to address the WPA audience and looks forward to speaking with his western friends. McBee’s presentation will look at the market dynamics, pricing strategies, new business development opportunities, and challenges of the new economy. His presentation is entitled “Making Cents of the New Economy.”

                Other presentations at the coming WPA convention include Troy Kasper of Kiwi Transport on “Transportation, a Different Look”; Clary Redd of Stinson, Morrison, Hecker LLP on “Passing the Torch Without Dousing the Flame: Estate Planning for Closely Held Business Owners”; Karen Wanamaker of NWPCA on “After the Election: What Does It Mean to Our Industry”; John Swenby of Paltech on “9BLOC – The Future of the White-wood Pallet”; Tom Searles of the American Lumber Standards Committee on “U.S. WPM Program – Ten Years and Still Growing”; Dr. Chuck Ray of Penn State University on “Global Reset, 2013”; and a panel discussion “What Tomorrow Looks Like From Today’s Perspective.”

                For more information or to register for the WPA annual convention, call 360/335-0208, email wpa@westernpallet.org, or visit www.westernpallet.org.


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