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Supplier Spotlight: PRS Expands Used Equipment Business
Pallet Repair Systems, a supplier of pallet equipment, machinery and supplies based in Jacksonville, Illinois is increasing its capacity for used machinery that it refurbishes and sells complete with warranty.

By Staff
Date Posted: 2/1/2013

Pallet Repair Systems (PRS) has been manufacturing equipment, machinery and supplies for the pallet industry for nearly 25 years. But over the past few years the company, which focuses on the pallet recycling, sortation and repair aspect of the industry, has been expanding into the used equipment business.

                 Unlike many used equipment providers, PRS is not a brokerage company. Instead, it takes physical possession of every piece it sells. PRS then inspects, repairs and refurbishes the machinery before selling it along with a used equipment warranty.

                “Our quest in the used pallet machinery business is to offer our customers a true transaction, not just a blind brokerage of a machine” said Jeff Williams, vice president of PRS. “The used machinery we offer is owned by PRS, often refurbished by PRS and will come with a limited warranty backed by PRS.”

                Though the company has historically focused on the recycling side of the industry, their used equipment business also has many machines for new lumber processing and nailing. PRS expanded into the used machinery market based on what Williams described as a two-way customer demand.

                “We had demand on both sides,” said Williams. “We had customers that were wanting to get rid of surplus equipment. The other side of demand was from customers who wanted to lower the cost of machine acquisition and to achieve a quicker return on investment from a machine that cost $10,000 instead of $20,000.”

                PRS recently increased its capacity for used equipment with the purchase of an additional 25,000 square foot warehouse. The warehouse is located 20 miles from its main plant in Jacksonville, Ill. where PRS manufactures new machinery and its supply products. With the new warehouse, PRS now has over 30,000 square feet of warehouse dedicated to its used equipment business, giving the company room for a used equipment showroom and additional space for the refurbishing processes.

                “Our new warehouse facility will make shopping for this machinery much easier as it will be all under one roof and ready for your inspection under power,” said Williams.

                The company also maintains a used equipment section on its website, www.pallet-repair.com, which is updated weekly with pictures of its current inventory. This has helped expand its customer base across the globe.  PRS frequently ships equipment to Canada and countries in South America. Because of its successful used equipment business, PRS is able to accept trade-in equipment in exchange for both its used and new equipment. 

                “We take trade-ins on anything we sell,” said Williams.

                PRS also has a standard product line of application machines such as dismantlers, plating equipment, sorting systems, pallet systems, reclaim equipment and material handling equipment in addition to hand tools and supplies such as its well-known FIVESTAR pallet plate. Additionally, PRS offers custom machinery design and development services. This includes conceptual design, machinery engineering and contractual machinery design services.

                “Our engineers will design, and we can build to meet a particular need,” said Williams.

                PRS encourages visits to both its manufacturing plant and used equipment warehouse. For more information contact PRS toll free from the United States at 866/546-8864, internationally at 217/291-0009, by fax at 217/291-0008 or visit www.pallet-repair.com.

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