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You Said It: David Caltrider
David Caltrider, president of The Nelson Company, answers questions from the Pallet Enterprise about working in the pallet industry.

By Staff
Date Posted: 3/1/2013

David Caltrider is president of The Nelson Company, a pallet manufacturer and distributor headquartered in Baltimore, Md. with eight other locations throughout the country.

Pallet Enterprise: What is the hardest challenge your company faces right now?

Caltrider: It would be the inflating price of lumber and the shortage thereof. Apparently the Chinese have bought a lot of pine recently and itís really put a stranglehold on the supply of that. Prices are going up and deliveries are hard to get.

Pallet Enterprise: What is the best piece of business advice that you have ever received?

Caltrider: Itís very simple, very short. My grandfather 40 years ago told me, ďYou can make money on anything if you buy it at the right price.Ē

Pallet Enterprise: What is the best part of working in this industry?

Caltrider: Since weíre pretty integral to the supply chain, we get to see so many different forms of manufacturing. I think itís very interesting to see how different industries do what they do. From someone making a spool of thread to building cars to chemicals - itís always very interesting to see how different industries run. And another thing thatís enjoyable is that nothing stays the same... Itís not so much of a grind. Sometimes itís a pretty big challenge, but itís always interesting.

Pallet Enterprise: If you could change any business decision that you have made in the past, what would you do differently and why?

Caltrider: I invested in a bar in Long Island, N.Y. back in 1994, and it almost cost me everything I had. I had one in Manhattan that was doing pretty well, and I started to branch out and got involved with some guys who didnít know what they were doing. I let my enthusiasm get in the way of making a good business decision so I learned a lot from that.

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