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New on the Market: Industry Veterans Form Biolube, a New Saw Lubricant Company
New on the Market: Industry Veterans Form Biolube, a New Saw Lubricant Company

By Staff
Date Posted: 3/1/2013

                This January George Barker, Bob Pennycoff and Mike Herzog, three industry veterans in the saw lubricant field, formed Biolube Inc., a new company that manufactures saw blade lubricants, grinding coolants, blade cleaners and spraying systems. The three men have a combined experience of approximately 80 years in the primary and secondary woodworking industry.

                For 15 years Bob Pennycoff was the Lubie Division manager for Barker Inc. and A&E. Pennycoff’s integrity and mill knowledge are known throughout the United States and Canada. He will be primarily concerned with customers east and south of a seven state area surrounding Indiana.

                George Barker was the founder of Barker Inc. in 1989 and the developer of the Lubie line of saw blade lubricants, grinding coolants, blade cleaners and Lubie 900 spraying systems. Barker sold his company to A&E in 2007. He primarily will work with customers in the Western United States and Western Canada.

                Mike Herzog’s entire 45-year career was with H.B. Fuller Company in various capacities ranging from plant manager to southern woodworking region manager. Herzog will mostly work with customers in Indiana, Michigan, Ohio, Kentucky, Illinois, Wisconsin and Minnesota.

                Biolube’s entire focus will be to provide the best service and support in the industry. Biolube’s products are made in the same plant Barker Inc. established over 20 years ago. The company says its quality is unsurpassed, and it generally makes shipments within two days.

                Biolube asks customers and potential customers to put them to the test, make them prove themselves to you with every order. Its motto is “We say what we mean and do what we say.”

                Contact the principles at the following emails and phones: Mike Herzog  at mike@biolube1.com or call 260/445-2956; Bob Pennycoff  at bob@biolube1.com or call 260/414-9633; George Barker

at george@biolube1.com or call 260/467-9208. Visit Biolube’s website at www.biolube1.com.

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