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Problem: A pallet company wanted to switch from hand-building pallets to an automated line, but was unfamiliar with operating the machinery and how to troubleshoot problems that arose.

By Staff
Date Posted: 4/1/2013

Solution: Rayco Industries Inc. sent personnel on-site to train the operators on the machine and provided quick troubleshooting services for subsequent issues.


                Hernandez Pallets, a wooden pallet manufacturer in Houston, Texas, originally built all its pallets by hand. The company had many questions when it switched to automated assembly, and Rayco Industries, Inc., a manufacturer of pallet assembly products and custom-fabricated machinery in Richmond, Va., was there to help guide it through the process.

                “They understood that we were new to the pallet machines,” said Roberto Hernandez, operations manager. “Before, we were manually manufacturing the pallets, so we had a lot of questions to ask. The reason we chose them was because they knew what they were talking about.”

                A Pallet Pro pallet assembly machine from Rayco Industries was the first automated machine that Hernandez Pallets bought. To help with the transition, Rayco sent a technician to visit the pallet company once the new machinery was set up. He spent several days on-site, training the operator on the machine.

                “They gave us an idea of how to do changeovers, how we could do different size pallets,” said Hernandez. “We didn’t have any knowledge of how to do that.”

                Since the installation and initial training, Rayco has continued to help the company solve other problems as they arise and has provided quick troubleshooting of several issues along with directions on how to fix them. When leaking pneumatic functions caused one of the nails in the machine to not shoot correctly due to a lack of pressure on the trigger, Rayco emailed a picture of what valve needed to be located and replaced, making it easy for Hernandez to locate it.

                “They always follow up with a picture of what you’re actually pressing or looking for,” said Hernandez. “They make it look easy because they put arrows on there for you to know what you need to push.”

                On another occasion, the pallet company had questions about the pallet stacker. Rayco responded with detailed directions on how to set it to stack the wanted number of pallets, along with pictures to demonstrate how to do it.

                “Whenever they tell us what to look for, they always follow up with a visual or a picture so we can get an idea of what they’re talking about,” Hernandez said. “That goes an extra step, as far as making sure we fully understand what to look for. That’s customer service.”

                The quick response time from Rayco’s team along with their dedication to ensuring that they provide easy-to-understand answers has caused Hernandez to view them as a reliable resource whenever he has issues with his machinery.

                “Rayco’s customer support is on top of things,” said Hernandez.

                According to Devin McDaniel, Rayco’s pallet division manager, Rayco helps customers troubleshoot problems over the phone or by email on a regular basis. Often, this includes exchanging pictures by email. Just as they do for Hernandez, Rayco personnel will send pictures of machinery parts accompanied by step-by-step instructions on what adjustments to make to ensure that their customers can easily fix whatever issue they are dealing with.

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