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Coming into Focus: Pallet Enterprise Reinvigorates Its Use of Twitter for Breaking News Alerts
Pallet Enterprise staff to use Twitter to communicate hot news, best practices, key pieces of legislation and other important topics.

By Staff
Date Posted: 6/1/2013

 Ifyou want to keep up with the latest news written by the Pallet Enterprisestaff, consider following our Twitter feed. It is free and easy to do. We havereinvigorated our Twitter effort over the last month and will be dedicatingresources to keeping it updated.

 Wepromise not to flood you with non-important details. But we will be using ourTwitter feed to tell you about industry news, key pieces of legislation, bestpractices, great websites you should be aware of, important stories in our mostrecent issue, upcoming webinars, etc. Our goal is to send out between 2-4tweets per week.

 You maybe wondering, “What is Twitter?” Quite simply, it is social networking toolthat allows you to follow the feeds with short updates produced by otherpeople. This may include website links or rebroadcasts of information createdby other people, organizations or newsmakers.

 Thereare a few ways to follow us on Twitter.

 1.)Follow our Twitter feed on your cell phone. If you have text messaging, simplyopen up your text messaging application and send a text message to Twitter’sshort code of 40404. This message should include “follow Palletenterpris” minusthe quote marks. In a matter of seconds, you should receive a response fromTwitter saying that you are following us on your cell phone using the textmessaging application. Please be aware that standard text messaging ratesapply.

 2.) Ifyou have a smartphone and use the Twitter application, click on the “@ Connect”button at the bottom and type in our Twitter username, which is Palletenterprisand then click on the blue Twitter Icon on the right. The plus sign shouldchange to a check mark indicating that you are now following our feed.

 3.) Youcan also use your computer by typing into your browserwww.twitter.com/Palletenterpris and then click on the Follow icon with the blueTwitter bird on the right part of your screen.

 Westrongly encourage you to forward our public Twitter updates to others or evenre-tweet the material yourself.

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